Jelax Retri paladin "social"

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Character name: Jelax
Location: Denmark

Jelax Retri paladin "social"

Post by jelax » 24 Aug 2017, 21:49

Who is your character?
Jelax human paladin

Who are you?
My name is Casper im 26 and im from Denmark.

Get better gear and kill stuff. Also i find ganking low lvls rly fun

Guild history
Vanilla to catelysm i was in guild called Holy Warriors on frostmane. Stopped raiding and started again in legion.
Was in Prime and now im in haze.

Some cunt called shaksspear told me about you

About you
Been playing since vanilla on this paladin so i know it quite well. I like to push the highest content in game and always try my best to perform. Atm i wont be able to join any raids for a few 3-4 weeks thats why im going to apply as social instead of a trial as a raider. When im ready to fit in a raiding schedule ill apply for a spot if there is one.

I wish i could be a gnome retri. Dreams.