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Post by Brollox » 26 Apr 2014, 15:57

Who is your character?
ßrollox ... lox/simple

Who are you?
Nothing here has changed............I think......*hic*.... Morne, 36 from South Africa..

Which of our two raid groups are you applying for?
RG1 25man HC ---> Mythic WoD

Raid role
I'd like to stick with tanking, but if required I can DPS DW Frost (560ilvl)

Well....RG2...I wish I had more exp in HC, but due to ppl leaving and gearing new members we were stuck in Normal longer than anticipated. So 4/14 HC 10man exp only....;(

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I can switch to Off-spec no problems, I have the gear for it. I also have a Druid(ilvl 550 Guardian)/Rogue(ilvl536)(/Hunter(542ilvl)


World of Logs stuff
There is some data on Warcraft logs, though I stopped logging on the normal runs whenwe started gearing new players.

Guild History
[What other guilds have you been in? What made you move(/plan to move) from these guilds, and why join ours?]

Raid availability
I can make any day of the week with no hasstle, but I can only be online at 9pm on Thursdays.

I'm very dedicated to my group and its progress as you are well aware. I'm also fiercely loyal to my group and will sacrifice to improve and gear fellow raiding companions. I like to be in the middle and in the thick of things, so a permanent spot and core position is my aim when it comes to a raiding group.