Resubmitting for Raider Retail as well.

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Resubmitting for Raider Retail as well.

Post by Trok » 07 Sep 2019, 02:20

-- Already in Classic guild resubmitting for Raider Retail --

Hey all, My name is Bryce irl.

I play retail and classic, recently I saw a guild recruitment on the forums to your lovely establishment and thought... this is the type of community I would love to be apart of. I played ret paladin in vanilla and unfortunately still play ret paladin now in retail. I have rolled another on the classic server, it seems I am a glutton for punishment. Nonetheless I have experience with Heroic Raiding and have played WoW as well as other MMO's for some time. Thank you for taking the time to consider this application

Who is your character?
classic - Trokret, lvl 43, human paladin
retail - ... od/trokret

Who are you?
Name is Bryce, I am 31, I live in Ireland. I am of South African decent :)

Played Vanilla, left in BC.
Returned in Legion, cleared Herioc Argus, since then BFA I am currently 7/8 Heroic on EP. I am well versed in Mythic + content and easily clear 10 keys.

Raid Role
Paladin DPS with emphasis on optimizing dps. I have only been back in bfa for the last month so my passes/logs are not where they should be, so will link BOD as well with EP

My Spec
Ret Paladin

I do not have an offspec

I am active on Discord and well versed with Raid etiquette, push to talk etc.

Combat Logs
EP - ... fficulty=4
BOD - ... fficulty=4


Guild History
Originally Joined a guild called Cobra Kai early Vanilla/BC. Recently was apart of the Awakened in Legion and now the restless. Reason for the moves have been lack of structure and raid availability.

Raid Availability
Your times are very suitable for my schedule.

Nope unfortunately good ole google was to blame for me finding your guild recruitment.

About me
Used to play alot of sports. Play guitar. I make people laugh. Married, I kill da ting ... get xp .. get loot win the game.

I enjoy a good laugh and chilled atmosphere, would like to help out when needed.

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Re: Resubmitting for Raider Retail as well.

Post by Fahranya » 07 Sep 2019, 09:02

Thank you for your application, Trok. Please give us some time to review it.

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Re: Resubmitting for Raider Retail as well.

Post by Zephilie » 07 Sep 2019, 22:56

We decided to invite you for trial so give an officer in retail a poke for an invite .