Raider: Ramannon

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Character name: Ramannon

Raider: Ramannon

Post by Maarces » 21 Sep 2018, 19:26

Who is your character?
The mage who has the searing heat, and the freezing Void in himself. Ramannon the Fire Mage of the Void Elves! ... d/Ramannon

Who are you?
I'm Marci a 28 years old hungarian guy. Work as an engineer during the day, but in the night I beat up Hordies.

Been raiding with RG2 during Legion with my boomkin (Maarces) but that exp went much more hectic then I intended. Been in EN (N+HC), NH(N+HC), ToS (N+HC) with the team. In BFA so far been in LFR Uldyr.

Raid Role
Since I don't raid atm there's not much I need to prepare. Watched the Fatboss guides for Uldyr, but could practice little so far. For in depth guide I look up Wowhead, or relevant tubers' guides.

Your Spec
I'm on lvl 19 Hear as I write this, so most 3rd circles are out of my reach for a while. I picked the most accountable fire talent tree. ... ts=3231132
If theres no reason to save I start with Combustion + RoP + Hero, dumping as many Pyros as possible. During the fight throwigh as many insta pyros as I can with the tripple blast talent, and weaving in the empowered hard casts as well. If I need to move Shimmer is pretty handy, or I can just scorch them. Linving Bomb is handy in AoE situations, but besides a constant cleave with Ignite I feel Fire a bit lacking in this aspect.
For the time being I use crit enchants, and consumables, but later when my gear has enough crit on its own mot likely haste/mastery will be the focus.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
So far could lvl only this guy till 120, but now started my DH (Marcifel) as well. Plan to run it as tank, most likely.
Since mage is dps in all 3 specs I don't think that swiching between fights would mee life or death in a particular fight outside of some really specific cases.

I have a trusty Hama Urage Headset that worked quite fine so far. With communication there should not be a problem (I deal with all kinds of engineers in work :D ) Nevertheless a friendly atmosphere is highly appriciated.

Combat Logs
Didn't Log so far. Like to discuss with fellow raiders what we felt and experienced during the encounter. Will look into it most likely since I realized how important it is believed.

Your UI
In attachment. Tried Preach's UI in the beggining but some nameplates kept disappearing. So I dumped the ElvUI, and kept the WA only. In it there are trackers for cooldowns and stacks (RoP, FB), trinket and buff trackers as well as a raidwide interrupt tracker, and spellsteal tracker. Since the base Blizz frames can be moved so much it works this way for me. Raid frames are less important since I'm no healer :P Will try to get a raid / M+ enviromental screenshot, but for the time being here's something.

Guild History
Played only in TRC so far since I joined the bliz servers.

Raid availability
The current raid times are fitting for me. 2 of them a week is also the most desirable I think.

The guy who took me into this shady elite company was Bellondis. Sadly he needs to focus on IRL stuff lately.

About you
I am a gamer, kinda black sheep in the family since everyone else is/was a handball player XD I work for a german multy as an IE. I like Game of Thrones, Linkin Park, Dragon Ball. Lately started cross-fit training.

Poke me if you are interested in anything else.

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Re: Raider: Ramannon

Post by Fahranya » 24 Sep 2018, 20:27

Thanks for the application. And sorry for the late reaction.

Please give us some additional time to review it.


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