[Social] Samasab, Lvl 60, Warrior

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[Social] Samasab, Lvl 60, Warrior

Post by Samasab » 12 Jan 2021, 23:12

Who is your character?
Samasab, Human, Arms Warrior with Mining an Blacksmithing, -, as vanilla as it can get.

Who are you?
My name is Sam, I am 33 years old and from the Netherlands.

Running M+ and arena's/pvp

Guild history
Mostly in the Eagles of Adamantite, a casual guild formed with friends in classic times

Xyphon recently joined The Raven Counsil, and was very positive. I would like to continue dps racing him, though it might require some nerfs for marksmanship hunters, because come on; they are OP

About you
33, Unity3D XR developer, played wow since vanilla, and like FPS games too

I can proudly say I do not, and never will own a gnome character.

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Re: [Social] Samasab, Lvl 60, Warrior

Post by Jingles » 13 Jan 2021, 00:59

Thanks for your application! The officers will review it and get back to you.

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Re: [Social] Samasab, Lvl 60, Warrior

Post by Xyphon » 13 Jan 2021, 04:08

Samasab is also a friend I know as long as I van remember, startes together with Samasab in the early days of WoW and always like the dps competition between us (maximizes his dps output). Chilled out personality and very friendly. Hope to greet him in the guild soon.

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Re: [Social] Samasab, Lvl 60, Warrior

Post by Zephilie » 13 Jan 2021, 13:38

Your ap has been accepted poke officer for invite.

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Re: [Social] Samasab, Lvl 60, Warrior

Post by Jimmble » 13 Jan 2021, 23:05