RG Phoenix Raider Application Form

Interested in joining the guild? Introduce yourself here and ask any questions you may have. You don't need to register to post your application, but it helps!
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RG Phoenix Raider Application Form

Post by Pylori » 05 Dec 2020, 23:20

Unless you are keen to join one of TRC's two organised raid groups, then save yourself (and us!) some time and please pick up the much shorter "Social" application form. Being approved through this method gives you the same rank as everyone else and you are still free to join more casual raids/alt runs etc.

RG Phoenix Raider Application Form
Please copy the form below the line into your application and answer the questions accordingly. If you know how to keep the formatting, please do.. It'll be much easier on our eyes!
Application title examples:
[RG Phoenix] Hymnir, Lvl 60 Ret Paladin
[RG Phoenix] Bearbo, Lvl 60 Prot Warrior

Who are you?
[Your name, age, where you're from, etc. A little something about yourself as a person. The guild lead is trying to keep just a sort of introduction to the rest of the guild. Are you someone who will be social or are you the silent pure raider type?]

Who is your character?

[Your character name, realm, class, specs, Armory link, is it an alt? Try to log out in main-spec gear]

Why that spec?
[Tell us about your spec. Why did you choose it and what do you like about it?].

Guild History
[What other guilds have you been in? What made you move(/plan to move) from these guilds, and why do you want to join TRC?]

[What is your prior raiding experience? Which tiers? Normal/Heroic/Mythic? Did you get Cutting Edge, Ahead of the curve? And what character(s) and role(s) did you play during which content?]

Raid Role
[Describe your current role in a raid team, how you prepare for it and how you judge your own performance.]

[RG Phoenix is searching for more souls and is in the process of building up a stable roster. Do you understand this might take some time and that this will not happen overnight?]

Raid availability
[Can you generally make all of our raiding days/times, or are there any difficulties with this or upcoming long vacation? Thursday and Sunday from 19:30 – 23:00.]

[What are they about? Valuable asset? Scum of Azeroth? Good as sporting equipment?]

[How did you hear about us? And do you know someone from the game who can vouch for you as player/person?]

[If you have any extra notes that do not necessarily fit in anywhere else, stick 'em here.]

Have some patience while we review your application.

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