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New Application for Boomkin

Posted: 20 Jan 2018, 15:09
by Oghamgoths
Who is your character?
Event (previously called Eventhorizon back in 2005/06 but the Games Masters claimed copyright infringement at the time), Elf, Druid.

Who are you?
A Grumpy old Gnome *in disguise*, 43, a purveyor of stolen loot, broken dreams and the tears of elves

Hunt the HORDE and Squish the Alliance!

Guild history
This one, but if you really want the long long long LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG list give me one week to rummage in the dungeon for the old files

Hunting Sigam and mocking Jimmble, teasing Tudum and forever aiding the minion Bellondis.

About you

Crushing the hopes and dreams of all, submitting them to the Horde of Gnomes, the Gnomish Empire and creating a slave army for the SHADOW COUNCIL!