Level 60 Gnome Mage Application

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Migi Mage

Level 60 Gnome Mage Application

Post by Migi Mage » 15 Dec 2006, 17:38

Name : Migi
Class : Mage
Race : Gnome
Level : 60

Attunements : Onyxia / Molten Core / Blackwing Lair
Talent Spec : 41 Frost for current endgame guild 10 Arcane on all resistances and 0 Fire I believe fire is still useable without talents
Resistances : Fire (105) Frost (30) Shadow (25) Nature (50)

Previous guilds & Reasons for leaving : A Second Chance (disbanded)
Spirit of Alliance (about to disband)

Why you wish to join The Raven Council : To join successful PvE raids to make new friends and maybe to get some nice new gear

RP Status (including backstory): ((I like to RP)) Migi was born in Gnomeregan to one of the Gnome kings Rogues and a Tailorer as a mother. Although the rebel leppers and troggs were rebelling it was on a small scale at this time, his childhood was happy since he was protected by the Kings men since his father was helping the King. At the age of 7 though his father started venturing further away a lot of his fathers time was in Lordaeron. Migi knew that his father and his men stood little chance there and when the news finally came the young Gnome was sad but not shocked. Migi started following the demonic path of the Warlock at the age of 10 and not many could prevent him going down the road of this evil class of Gnomes and Humans that delved into the dark worlds of the demons. It was in one of Archmage Xylems visits to Gnomeregan intervened and after 4 years of training to be a warlock the Great Mage managed to re route Migi's life and help him become a mage. This was a late stage to start a whole new set of spells and the class of the mage was very hard to conquer. Migi then went to Xylems tower in Azshara to take his training further as Xylem thought that Migi had what it takes to become a great Mage but still the late stages of becoming a mage took its toll and then after only traiing with Xylem for around 6 months Migi heard the news that Gnomeregan had been overthrown. He left Archmage Xylem and Azshara behind him and rushed to the port town of Theramore as quick as he could as hard as it was he managed the epic journey across Kalmidor and Eastern Kingdoms to find that his mother and uncle had escaped to the small town of Kharanos but his Sister and most of hos other relatives didnt make the escape. He was left to hos own devices and had to train himself quite a lot by chanting passages that Xylem had told him back in Azshara by now he was 20 years of age for a Gnome nearly half way through the average life span with frequent visits then to the Archmage Migi was accomplishing extremely good feats. In this time he had ventured to Blackwing Lair fought the mighty Ragnaros crossed paths with Ossirian the Unscarred and Hakkar. Outcast Legion may be this mages path to greater achievements.

PvP Status : I like to PvP sometimes inbetween raids but guild events are my main priority

About You : My name is Matt, I'm 15 years old and live in England. In my spare time I play football and WoW

Comments: Please let me know as soon as you can if I can join

This is my main character I have no alts and dedicate my time to my Mage :D