[Raider] Brelyna, Holy Paladin

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Character name: Brelyna
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[Raider] Brelyna, Holy Paladin

Post by Brelyna » 18 Jun 2014, 12:06

Who is your character?
Brelyna, holy paladin http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... a/advanced

Who are you?
Bence, 17 years old student from Serbia, currently enjoying summer break :D

Which of our two raid groups are you applying for?
Applying for RG1.

Raid role
As a healer my job is to make sure everyone makes it through the fight. I provide many utilities for the raid (Hand of Protection, Hand of Sacrifice, Devotion Aura etc.), and I have the healing spells to keep the raid alive, be it single target or AOE healing. To keep myself up-to-date on bosses I watch guides, and I follow blogs and I regularly read forum posts to perfect my class. For raids I can make my own flasks/food and I`m always open for suggestions.

I started playing on a Wotlk private server, and during that time we cleared ToC 10 and 25 normal every week, and raided ICC 10 normal and hc a bunch. I bough retail during ToT content, and in 5.4 was the time I started pugging raids, so I the most experience in SoO.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I have retribution as off-spec, although it is very undergeared for heroics (~530). I also have a destruction warlock and a mistweaver monk alt, but they don`t meet the gear requirements either.

I have a microphone and I have no problem with speaking.

World of Logs stuff
No logs here, sorry :<

Guild History
Angels of Deathwing, on Deathwing realm. The realm was too empty for me, so I transfered to DB and now I`m a Raven! :D

Raid availability
Yup, can make it!

I joined the guild as social, but now I have the time to raid.

About you
I`m just a simple guy, that likes to joke around, have fun and go out with friends on weekends. Finished the 3rd year of economics high school, and I intend to be a translator.

I`m a spacegoat stuck on Azeroth. :(