Duress, Retributionist, regarding move RG2->RG1 25man

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Duress, Retributionist, regarding move RG2->RG1 25man

Post by Duress » 07 May 2014, 19:08

Who is your character?
Duress, Paladin, Retribution ilvl570, (OS Healer, gearing),
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... ess/simple

Who are you?
Conny Larsson, 37y.o. from Sweden

Which of our two raid groups are you applying for?
RG1 25man HC

Raid role

Raven Council RG2 for quite some time now. HC up to 5% on Shamans (soooo close I cry! *sob*)

Off-specs and Alternative characters
Healing OS, though still gearing, currently at abouts 540. Not very comfortable yet with that tho.
Alt1: Frost Mage, ilvl563, very comfy playing that.
Alt2: Retri Pally ilvl542 HORDE (does that count?)
Alt3-6: lvl90 Priest, Hunter, Warrior, DK all around 500 ilvl.
Levellling Alts: Rogue lvl87, Druid lvl85, Warlock lvl86
Have yet to use my free lvl90 choice (a monk maybe? seems to be missing one...)

How comfortable are you switching to your off-spec for a fight/raid if needed?
Not very, yet.

Have Mumble. Will talk.

World of Logs stuff

Guild History
Very many, only this one counts by now imho.

Raid availability
The suggested dates on the Raid Signup Tool is even better for me than the RG2 days were. Will be available all days! Weeee!

All people in RG2.

About you
What about me? Oh oh, I am a fun guy to hang with. Trust me, I do it all the time, I know.