[Raider] Coltinesers, LVL90 Survival Hunter

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[Raider] Coltinesers, LVL90 Survival Hunter

Post by Coltinesers » 29 Apr 2014, 21:24

Who is your character?
[Your character name, class, specs, and Armory link. Try to log out in main-spec gear]
- Character; Coltinesers, lvl 90 Dwarf Hunter
- Spec; Survival and Beastmastery
- http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... ers/simple

Who are you?
[Your name, age, where you're from, etc]
-You know me, the name is Kristian, and i'm 19 years old. I Live in a small town in denmark, called 'Maribo'.
In my spare time, i'm a swimming instructor, and i'm currently working in our local supermarket.
I own The danish CSS servers, and more, under the name 'MatchGaming (Shorted MatchG)

Which of our two raid groups are you applying for?
[RG1 or RG2? You can find more information about them -here- (pending update to this page) and -here-. You should have a preference, but do mention if you haven't enough information to decide.]
-I'm applicating, to the forming new raid group one. or well.. the 'reformed 25man Normal/HC Rg1' if you can call it so.

Raid role
[Describe your current role in a raid team, how you prepare for it and how you judge your own performance. Where do you learn new things and keep yourself updated on your class?]
- Right now, i'm not really doing anything, mostly pugging, watching videos on yourtube (Mostly fatboss Guides) to keep myself updated, and practicing my Rotation daily.
- Using Icy veins, Ask mr. Robot, watching other players.. getting inspiration from them, and maybe they can even tell a thing or two, about a good strategi from a certain boss
- Following Rogerbrown, and pottm, to see what they have to say about hunters, if anything change, and if there's anything specific you/i should be aware of.

[What is your prior raiding experience and when did you do it (ie, did you clear a raid when it was current content or not)? If you've performed any character change re-rolling in your time, what character(s) and role(s) did you play during which content?]
I've copied the one, from my previous application (Back when i joined) and added some more with SoO in.
Naxx; Cleared
Ulduar; Cleared
ToTC; Cleared
ICC; Cleared (Except for LK HC)

BoT/BwD (Almost both cleared HC)
FL (Missing Ragnaros HC)
DS (Cleared HC, Missed the DW kill cause of sickness)

NOTE! i had a break from WoW During final exams and stuff. So i missed alot of the start in MoP, but i know tacs for 75% of all the TOT bosses (HC)

MSV; Cleared (Missing HC)
HoF (Cleared)
ToES (Cleared)
ToT 12/12 12/13 HC NOTE Before SoO or '5.4' was the progress for me, 10/13 (Missed Animus, Lei Shen, and Ra-den (Optional)
SoO; currently 14/14 normal Cleared, and 7/14 HC NOTE I was busy with work, during the start of 5.4, but right now, and in the future, i'll be more focused on getting it all to work out.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
[How comfortable are you switching to your off-spec for a fight/raid if needed?
Do you have any alts that would also be a viable option for raiding with us? (for the case that we love you but can't fit your main in our rosters) Please add Armory links for other characters if so, and tell us to what degree they are/have been played.]

Main spec; Survival
Off spec; Beast Mastery
I can play them both, all though i still pref Survival.

I've got a lvl 90 Alt, called Darrón (Restoration Shaman) which is currently in the guild aswell.He's a little low on gear, but i'll try to make that up.

[Do you have a microphone and how comfortable are you with using it during encounters if needed? Are you happy to use these forums for discussion of tactics and general scheming?]
Yes, i have a microphone and yes, i am very willing to use it during fights.
Currently, i'm only using the forums rarely, because i'm not raiding so much with the guild.. but if i get recruited, i'll be more into it.

World of Logs stuff
[If possible please link a log with you in it, raiding current content - it helps us, and you, in reviewing your application.]
I'm still not into WoL (World of Logs)

Guild History
[What other guilds have you been in? What made you move(/plan to move) from these guilds, and why join ours?]
Shadows of Arathor
Crusaders of Honor
The inner circle

Current; The Raven Council
I used to be in the guild know as 'The Inner Circle' and was raiding with them for some time. But as as i mentioned in my previous application, i had to go on a trip to england, for around 1-1½ month, so i missed of raiding there. My previous Guild master, didn't allow me to raid with them, and that was understandable.. 1 month away, leaves it's marks, but i got quickly into it again.
But as can only say.. I've got alot of experience, and i am willing to take critics to me, and learn from them.. now, more than ever.

Raid availability
[Can you generally make all of our raiding days (for either RG1 or 2), or are there any difficulties with this? Our raid schedules are found -here-.]
Yes, i can. And i'll be better to sign up on the PhP Raider forum.

[How did you hear about us? And do you know someone from the game who can vouch for you as player/person?] Ehm... Karo hates me, does that count? o.o

About you
[A little something about yourself as a person. It can be brief if you like, it's just a sort of introduction to the rest of the guild. :)]
I'm happy, i'm tall, and i love cookies!
I love to talk, and i speak alot of english, in daily use.

[If you have any extra notes that do not necessarily fit in anywhere else, stick 'em here.]
I hope you'll accept me, even after i've been busy with the work'n stuff.. But i've got it planned now.

Sincerely; Kristian Kristiansen
BattleTag; Kristian#2625