RG1 25man application [Enhance Shaman]

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RG1 25man application [Enhance Shaman]

Post by NaXille » 26 Apr 2014, 20:00

Who is your character?
Char Name: NaXillë
Class: Shaman
Main Spec / Off Spec: Enhance / Elemental / Resto
Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... B/advanced
Who are you?
Frans "Nax" Botha

Which of our two raid groups are you applying for?
RG1 as you're expanding it into 25

Raid role
Dps and offhealz with instant free casts.
Can do healz on my mistweaver monk!

Started in WotLK in ICC, killed the king and moved on in cata played a little PVP but with RL stuff didnt really play much. Got back ath the end of TOT when Brollox and Adrimalek told me about the group needing some DPS so i joined RG2 with my Lock as lock was and still are everywhere I had to reroll to a Shaman got him leveled and geared where we are doing SoO normal we started doing HC's but due to lack of commitment from some players healers leaving the guild we were stuck in normal longer than we wanted to.

Due to the frustration RG2 had with healers I boosted a mistweaver monk 2 weeks ago and enjoy healing normal but as i understand it mistweavers aren't the best 25man healers

Off-specs and Alternative characters
Enhance. I've dps'd all of normal and HC the first 4 altho we have only killed two of them.
Mistweaver monk . Healer up to klaxxi in the past week and garrosh flex.
I have a few alts. All classes which can tank/heal/dps but only Shaman and Mistweaver(to some extend) are geared.

Well I enjoy having a chat when we can obviously not during encounters/

Guild History
Dream/Endgame in WotLK.
Own PvP guild in DS aswell as the majority of MOP untill i joined TRC

Raid availability
I can make anyday of the week from 7:30 onwards.

The whole of RG2 and RG1 should know me by now

About you
Fun easy going and just enjoy life in general.


Gnomes have a secret society that plans to take over the world............... of warcraft and needs to be stopped!!