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Raiding application

Post by Drurian » 26 Apr 2014, 18:51

Who is your character?
Char Name: Drurian
Class: Druid
Main Spec / Off Spec: Balance / Restoration or Guardian
Armory: ... n/advanced
Who are you?
James "Hatmandu" Stewart

Which of our two raid groups are you applying for?
RG1 as you're expanding it into 25

Raid role
Dps. And off healing as druid's still maintain hybrid functions. Though they've been scaled down

Started in Wrath, good old Ulduar. Nothing major there. Cataclysm. All but a few first tier HC cleared at level 85. Though first tier was done at a later patch and ragnaros was done whilst dragon soul was out. Just been raiding with RG2 during ToT so normal for that + SoO and 2 HC bosses. Though i remember being asked for 30mins to dps when you where on Thok HC before Bowie logged back on.

2nd character i created. And became main in MoP. I've tank, I've healed, and I've dpsed in HC progression before, over my paladin druid and priest. I'm like a jack of all trades except i have to admit pushing dps to the max is something i struggle on balance.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
Resto/Bear. I've tanked HC immerseus and dpsed Norushen. Resto is 558 ilevel using some Balance gear. So can be reforged and stuff. Still need trinkets though =/ Bear is 554 ilevel i think.
I have a fair few alts. All classes which can tank/heal i have at max level. Though My priest is only one geared enough to be of any other use as i've healed HC Immerseus on it.
Dellingr - Priest Shadow/Disc.
Can't say for certain which i'm better at healing though. As Drurian has one up on gear except trinkets and well the Priest is a Disc Priest.

Well I talk in bursts. Sometimes it's hard to shut me up, but then i'm quiet when needed to be.

Guild History
Pvp guilds in WotLK. Sunlight Vek-Nilash During Cata, that broke down and no idea what they're doing. titans of the old gods end of cata which was Pvp. hopped around on servers beginning of MoP then i ended up here in this guild. Also Renascence a Horde guild as I helped them clear DS HC using my priest.

Raid availability
I can make it all days except when a production week appears. This would happen like 6 weeks a year. As i'm a Tech rep for drama societies at Uni. I make sure there is backstage crew and stuff.

I'm Dudu. The curse i suppose i got from Jimmbles the first day i was in the guild. People know me even if they don't want to admit it.

About you
I'm a chemist, I'm a techie. I pick up shifts in Local Hospital for extra money. And i suppose i'm the right side of bat poo crazy

I'll try not to eat to many Gnomes in the future. They're just so tasty. Especially with the right seasoning.
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