Raider Application, Lanaiba

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Raider Application, Lanaiba

Post by Lanaiba » 26 Apr 2014, 14:00

Who is your character?
Char Name: Lanaiba
Class: Druid
Main Spec / Off Spec: Balance / Resto or Guardian
Armory: ... a/advanced
Who are you?
Trandafir Dumitru, 18, Romania

Which of our two raid groups are you applying for?
RG1 25hc -> Mythic

Raid role
My main role is to DPS and to help with off healing when is necessary.
I read MMO-Champ and ElitistJerks Druid forums to keep up with changes and stuff like that and also using AskMrRobot and WrathCalcs for reforging and gems.

I started to play in WOTLK and played on private servers, then changed to retail in 4.2 so i'll start with that.
Cataclysm: 2/7 FL hc, 3/8 DS hc
Mists of Pandaria: 2/16 T14 hc, 11/13 ToT hc, 11/14 SoO hc

I play as boomkin since Patch 3.1 as main spec and for off spec i played Resto in 3.3.5 to 4.3 and switched it for feral tank for DS progression and went back to resto in MoP. I also have Guardian gear good to go for SoO normal.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I don't mind switching to Resto but I'm not sure if the gear is good for heroic atm.
As alts i have a 542 Ele Shaman and Lock, Monk , Warr for PVP and professions.

I have microphone and since i'm not a social person i'll probably don't talk too much BUT i will if i need to or have something to say.
World of Logs stuff

Guild History
Magtheridon: Silver Hand - I left because of romanian community and lack of organisation.
Avatars - I left at the end of Cataclysm to change server since Magtheridon is dead.
Defias Brotherhood: Exploding Sheep INC - They didn't progress too well in ToT hc so i decided to change guilds.
The Yawning Dragon - Guild disbanded and I joined TRC.

Raid availability
Available all days.

I know about you from Beastaly.

About you
I'm not too social and like to make new friends. I study IT and Programming

May i eat the gnomes ? I also have a kewl UI