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Raider Application

Post by Illuminated » 26 Apr 2014, 13:39

Who is your character?
Equinoctis, Protection warrior ... tis/simple

Who are you?
I'm Borghild, 17 years old and I'm from Norway

Which raid group are you applying for?
RG1's new 25 man group

Raid Role
I'm a tank, so I make sure that the gnomes dont get attacked by stuff they shouldnt! I prepare for raids by bringing flasks, and been trying to level cooking so I can also contribute with food, just havent gotten around to it :). If I have any questions about warrior, I ask a really good warrior from the guild. He has given me a lot of tips.

Got my own account in WotLK, and then tanked ICC with my protection paladin. Never got farther than Sindragosa though. Took a break when Cata came out, then leveled a Resto shaman and was a healer in Dragon Soul. Our guild killed 4/8 HC. When MoP came out, me and my friends made a raiding guild, but that didnt go so well. So, I leveled my warrior and transferred him to Defias because I wanted to play with my brothers, and I've been in TRC since. Currently 2/14 HC on my warrior

Off - Specc and alternative characters.
My off - specc is fully geared Fury, can switch if needed, just have to learn the rotation a bit better.
I have two good geared alts, Morager, who is my warlock and Acteonis, my hunter. ... ger/simple ... nis/simple

I have a microphone, and I'm comfortable with using it. Dont have a problem with using the forums either.

World of Logs
Err, I think RG2 posted logs, but dont know much bout it.

Guild History
Only been in TRC while on Defias. Used to be hordie before I came here. Was in Gnome on a stick in WotLK, then Othadil in Cata, then a guild called Equinoctis in MoP before I changed faction. (tihi)

Raid availability
I can make all raid days.

My brother Rodela told me about TRC.

About you
My name is Borghild, 17 years old. I love to play games with my friends, and I'm currently in my second year of Healthcare Worker.