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Raiders Application Leaya

Post by Zarell » 26 Apr 2014, 12:45

Who is your character?
Leaya, Destruction Warlock ... a/advanced

Who are you?
Wayne, 26, from South Africa.

Which of our two raid groups are you applying for?
RG1's new 25 man Squad and also Mythic Squad for WoD.

Raid role
There's a few website's I use to stay in touch with the best spec and reforges.
Youtube - ... ZQf4A4Vspw (I follow this Warlock that raids on current tier HC)
Askmrrobot - I like using this website for reforging as you can edit what stats you want/need.
In the raid team my main focus is dps and not trying to take more damage than I should, I have good awareness also good at calling out boss abilities and keeping an eye on the timers from DBM. Also I'm always fully gemmed and enchanted as it kinda annoys me having that 1 item not gemmed or enchanted.

I started playing WoW in 3.3.5 just before Cataclysm was released. I started playing on private due to the crappy internet we use to have back then. When I started in Cataclysm I was more interested in PvP and any realy started raiding in Firelands as Resto/Tank Druid (Only played with 2nd Raid group that focused on normal). I re-rolled to Death Knight when Dragon Soul came out and also transfered to horde due to application for more experienced raid team. I cleared Nm/Hc DS on current content.

In MoP me and a couple of friends moved back to alliance to start up our own raid team which did not work out due few friends having RL things to sort out. I again moved to more PvP in season 12/13. When ToT came out I then joined TRC hopping for a raid spot. RG2 leader had to leave due to RL issues and then applied to Lead RG2. I recruited and started RG2 back up again with the help of Adrimalek and Brollox. Raided in TRC on ToT normal (very late in the patch) and ofc SoO.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I'm very comfortable with all 3 specs of the Warlock and know them very well.
I do have alts that I can raid on but does not have the 560 ilvl requirement. I tend to play on my main more than alts. ... l/advanced ... n/advanced

I do have headset and microphone, I have no issues talking on and voice client. Also no issues using forums.

World of Logs stuff
Don't have any logs atm, only cleared SoO with PuG group.

Guild History
Lightbringer Realm - Braaivleis (Was South African only guild, raided in the 2nd Raid group)
Lightbringer Realm - Super Nova (Friends guild, mostly did PvP)
Defias Brotherhood - Edge of Eternity (Due to the high amount of SA players they had also raided in 2nd raid team)
Defias Brotherhood - The Phoenix Rising (Horde, played in 2nd raid and moved the 1st raid when spot opened)
Defias Brotherhood - Core of Khaos (Was friends guild and was the the Guild leader)
Defias Brotherhood - The Raven Council (I was looking for more solid raid guild where players stay around and don't just join and leave again, and was happy to find The Raven Council)

Raid availability
Yes raid days are perfect. More interested in a 3 day raiding team. Can make all the days, I mostly play every day.

Found TRC on WoW Progress and noticed the RG2 team needed a Paladin. (back when I applied)

About you
Well I'm a proud South African who enjoys playing WoW or any Blizzard game. I'm currently engaged to be married and have a son of 6 months old, I'm a family man and love to spend time with them if I'm not online, also I love to Braai with the friends and family(some might know it as a BBQ). I use to be a bit of an altaholic and currently have all classes leveled to 90 with all the professions. (wish they where all geared :D)

I love Gnomes and Draenei's!