Application of Derithor - Warrior

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Application of Derithor - Warrior

Post by Guest » 27 Nov 2006, 23:48

First of all i'll say here, dont think im a 'copy cat' or something for this, i just thought it was a nice little way to present relevant information and I hope the author wont mind my using it, if he does i'll remove it immediately.

so here goes...

Player Name: Derithor
Level: 60
Class: Warrior
Talents spec: 13/5/33 (prot)
Strat key: Yes
Scholo key: Yes
Dire Maul key: no
UBRS key: no
Onyxia amulet: Yes
MC attuned: Yes
BWL attuned: yes

Currently a fairly Heavy Role Player and looking for more within a larger established guild, however, like most i would like to join for your endgame aspect as i thoroughly enjoy tanking, especially alongside Wulfgau who as i understand is one of your members.

so to some up the last paragraph, i want to join an endgame guild (which unlike the bigger ones, doesnt have most of the 'opener' raid instances on farm already ... and as far as i know you are still slugging your way determinedly through MC :) ) , and i'd like to be a part of your progression through there, not just getting whisked through and getting purples dumped on me so i can keep up with the others in BWL.
And also, since i couldnt give up my beloved RP i'd like to join as a 'grunt' so to speak (i just left an RP guild as an officer) so i dont have to worry anymore (or not as much) about any RP that may be going on.

In real life, im a nice enough guy, straight talking, i like Heavy metal, dont ask why thats relevant x) . Umm what else? uhh yeah, my professions in the game are Mining and Blacksmithing at 300 and im currently working to revered with Thorium Brotherhood for more Dark iron plans, amongst the numerous blues i can make such as whitesoul helm and enchanted thorium leggings (i hope you get the picture =) )

*stops rambling*, can you guess im nervous? Even in a post! xD

Oh yes, PvP you ask, unfortunately my laptop is too useless to try PvP to any significant degree (it can handle it, but most of the time its FPS lag hell) as you can imagine the common AV grind for me was a nightmare..

But yes, I'm Derithor Derianine, the level 60 prot warrior applying for a place within your guild, i hope to hear from anyone of you within the game soon, preferably by mail (since i tend to miss whispers >.<)