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Mage application

Posted: 02 Nov 2006, 15:27
by Pluckster
1. In-game name, race, class and level: Pluckster, human mage frost specced level 56.

2. Is the character you will join with your first character/main character? I have played Wow since its first release and have had 2 previous level 60's on other servers, this is by far my most favourite.

3. What kind of guild are you looking for? (ex. pvp-guild, rp-guild, raid-guild etc. You don't have to choose one of the three just mentioned.) I am looking for a guild that cncentrates mainly on Pve but does not object to Pvp, I have previous experience in ZG and MC (not with this character), and am looking for a guild that is capable of both these instances and more:) I am keen to get in to a guild that can provide friendship and leadership, and feel that i would be a worthy member to any team.

4. What's your goal for joining our guild? (ex. only have fun, end-game instances, etc.) My main goal is end game instances, but I am also trying to work through the pvp ranks, hopefully with the aid of your guild, I can pass on my knowledge and experiences to other people, and have fun by doing so.

RL Info: I am female age 26.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for viewing my application