Haarq's application

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Haarq's application

Post by Haarq » 02 Nov 2006, 01:37

Name: Haarq Thendlemane

Race: Night Elf

Class: Rogue

Level: 60

Yes this is my main character

I'm looking for a fun, friendly guild with regular events, preferably rp orientated but not adverse to a little raiding or pvp (especially world pvp). Friendships, comeradery and some people to have a good laugh with!
I've got a few old friends in Raven Council and would like to join with them, as well as make some new ones.
I'm a big fan of rp events and do enjoy raiding (though as I'm a rogue I very much doubt there'll be many available slots, a fact you won't find me crying in to my pillow about!) and there's nothing better than gathering up a few friends and slaying the Horde where they stand...

I also have lvl 22 hunter who's probably gonna stay there and a (currently) lvl 16 mage who's showing a lot of promise. At the moment though, the application is just for Haarq.

I'm another old member of the Seraphim Nocturnus and I've head many good things about Raven Council, here's hoping I get to find out a little more...