Recruitement Topic---- Night Elf Rogue 55

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Recruitement Topic---- Night Elf Rogue 55

Post by Mirtas » 27 Oct 2006, 23:10

Hello I have a charecter named Mirtas who would really like to join you'r guild... I am looking for a Endgame guild who does raid instances and like.. This is not my first main I have a 60 shammy on Magtheridon aswell.. but I havent done many raid instances with him so I thought I could start with this one.. I have played WoW for a year now and I know the way each class goes now.. Mirtas is atm specced Random to do some crits PvE and have specced so it will be hard for enemy players to detect me :twisted:

I really hope I could get the chance to join the guild cause I have heard friends talk that this is a fair guild and experienced... My age IRL is 16 and I go to what in english is like Collage and I have much spare time to play.. my dad always say I am addicted to the game because I play so much.. but I don't agree with him at all :wink: well anyway.. The guild I am in now is not a guild for me and they are really slow advanting to a better guild.. and now I really looking forward to a better guild who already are there they wishes to be...

My IRL friend Drexxtor was in this guild some while ago, and he said he would prefer this guild for me..

My specc is:
Assasination: 5 --- Malice 5/5
Combat: 21 --- Gauge 3/3, Lightening Reflexes 2/5, imp. Backstab 3/3, Deflection 2/5, Precision 5/5, Endurance 1/2, Dagger Spec. 5/5.
Subtetly: 20 --- Master of Dec. 5/5, Oppertunity 5/5, Camouflage 1/2, Initiative 2/3, Ghostly Strike 1/1, Imp. Ambush 3/3, Setup 1/3, Imp. Sap 2/3. ---- here you can find my char...

If it is anything else you need to know about me I am very happy take questions..

With many greetings from Morten (IRL name)