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Application 60 rogue

Posted: 04 Oct 2006, 20:17
by Garathor
1. In-game name, race, class and level. Garathor 60 night elf rogue.

2. Is the character you will join with your first character/main character? Nah this is my alt, I got a lvl 60 epic geared warlock on bloodscalp

3. What kind of guild are you looking for? (ex. pvp-guild, rp-guild, raid-guild etc. You don't have to choose one of the three just mentioned.) A raid guild with Rp-events and maybe some pvp :D

4. What's your goal for joining our guild? (ex. only have fun, end-game instances, etc.) Have fun, raids and all that fun stuff :)

I playing a scholo run with 4 of your memebers right now, they are realy nice :) (Stukov, Refarian,Hokie and Crichton) hope I get in 8)