would like to recruit

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would like to recruit

Post by serao » 08 Sep 2009, 14:39

ingame info : helina human rogue 58

helina has become my main char i also have a 60 warlock on this server but never realy play him again unless someone needs help and its better to use the warlock for it but 99% of the time i play with helina

well from wat i learned over the 8years playing mmorpg games i prefered the more casual guilds that do everything depending on wat everone wants at those moments and ppl that play more for fun then for gear and highend
i have been intoo hardcore raiding guilds being strongest guild on server but thats also the reason why i did stop my last mmmorpg so i rather help others
raid sometimes do instance runs togheter a nice pvp group when we feel like it and so on basicly short i am looking for a relax guild that help eachother without expecting big favors for it back

also one of the reasons how i become familiar with the raven coucil is my RL brother is been awile in the guild and seeing how the guild works helpt alot

hope to hear something ingame

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