New applicants - Please read before posting!

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New applicants - Please read before posting!

Post by Celsan » 13 Mar 2008, 15:36

Thank you for your interest in The Raven Council. Here is a little information about us.

About the guild.

The Raven Council is a guild that takes part in all aspects of the game. Some of our members are more active in some aspects that others.


The Raven Council insists that all members obey the RP Realm policies at all times. Our guild chat is OOC. Taking part in the guild RP stories and events is encouraged yet not mandatory.


The Raven Council strives to progress through all end-game content but are not 'hardcore raiders'. Raids are organized 2 or 3 sessions a week. Attendance is not mandatory. We do not make demands of your spec or style of play. We may require a minimum level of gear, experience or a necessary add-on on some raids.


The Raven Council does organize pre-mades only very occasionally - although many of our members can often be found fighting in the Battlegrounds. Some members take part in arena teams - generally made up of other members of the guild. The guild also holds a fun dueling tournament once a month.

About our members (and possibly you).

We would ideally like you to be at least 16 years old. The Raven Council strives to keep guild chat as mature (although still fun) as possible. We require you to be mature enough so you can meet us in conversation as as an equal.

Maturity is the one thing we all have in common. We accept each other as real living people and, even though we may disagree at times, we afford each other respect and understanding at all times. We like to think of the guild as a group of friends more than just a collection of members. The harmony of our guild chat is very important to us. It is not the place for whining or arguing - it is a place to unwind after a hard day of RL and to enjoy the company of like-minded people.

All of our members have lifes outside of the game - we do not require you spend any minimum amount of time online. We understand that life is more important than the game. All we ask is if you're going offline for a significant period of time (a month or so) then you let us know.

Regarding character names

Any applicants and alternate characters have to abide by the server naming rules and a few rules of our own that are designed to maximize immersion and minimize contact with the real world :wink:. The blizzard naming policy can be found here: ... leId=20368. Be aware of additional rules for the RP servers (in short: please refrain from using any Non-Medieval or Non-Fantasy names like Slipnslide, Robotman, Technotron, etc).

We enforce a slightly stricter naming policy for guild members (who we consider representatives of our fine guild) on top of that:
  • Names should not be professions or hobbies in the real world (i.e. Pianist, Accountant)
  • Names should have some kind of reflection to the wow/medieval setting and be plausible to exist in the world of warcraft lore
  • Names may have a meaning in some other language than english or in-game languages, as long as they are not unimaginative
If your character name does not comply with the above in our opinion, we will tell you and you have the choice of changing your name or canceling your application. For names that violate the blizzard naming policy, you can probably get a GM to change it for you for free. In other cases, you will have to pay €8 for a paid name change.

Applying to The Raven Council.

If you've managed to read all of the above and still think we are the guild for you (and you are the member for us) then we would be interested in your application. To apply simply create a new post in this Recruitment Forum, use the name of your character in the subject and then answer the following questions in your post. Please add any information you think would be helpful (remember that we don't know who you are, so be sure to tell us all we need to know):
  1. What is your character's name, race, class and level?
  2. Is this character your main character? Have you had any other characters before this one?
  3. Why <The Raven Council> and not any other guild?
  4. Where (or from whom) did you hear about <The Raven Council>?
  5. Who are you? (please tell us a little about the real life you).
Once you've applied please be patient. We require at least three officers to agree on any applicant, which can take a little while sometimes. If your application is accepted then you will be contacted in game.

And Finally.

If you think we are the guild for you or not, we wish you the best fortune in your travels. May the light be with you.