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Social Application

Posted: 07 Feb 2020, 18:35
by Peko
Who is your character?
Peko, Level 26 (And rising.) Night Elf Restoration Druid from Ravenholdt.

Who are you?
I'm Wendy, I'm 20 and I'm from the United Kingdom.

Pretty much doing a little bit of everything. M+, Raiding, PvP, Achievement hunting.. etc.

Guild History:
On these realms? None.
On my old realm, oh boy. Too many to count, even ran my own guild back in Legion.

Found you guys in the ingame guild finder, looked around your forum saw your screenshots and thought you guys seemed like fun people to be around.

About you:
Been playing WoW since I was a little 10 year old, I just recently moved realms from Argent Dawn to get some peace and quiet. Starting over instead of realm hopping so I can get a fresh start and play a class I didn't get to spend as much time to as I would of liked. I like long walks on the beach and 100% chance mount drops.

They're adorable, aren't they?

Re: Social Application

Posted: 07 Feb 2020, 18:55
by Jimmble
Thanks for your application. Please, give us some time to review it.

Re: Social Application

Posted: 08 Feb 2020, 13:54
by Thiri
She thinks we are adorable!! Grr Grr i'm a mighty gnomish warrior!

Re: Social Application

Posted: 09 Feb 2020, 09:49
by Jimmble
Your application has been approved! Please poke an officer in-game for a guild invite.

Re: Social Application

Posted: 09 Feb 2020, 19:11
by Jingles