Retail Raider Krekandus

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Retail Raider Krekandus

Post by Kreka » 26 Jan 2020, 20:16

Who is your character?

Krekandus, Lvl 120 Demonology Warlock, Name still not fixed because I must transfer

Race is planed as Mechanognome ... /Krekandus

Who are you?

My name is Kristijan, i am from Croatia, currently living in Germany


Started in old days passed. I raided back in the day up to Naxx and killed few bosses in there. Guild was mostly pvp focused, they had 20 grand marshals in end give or take few. I was just alchemist raider who helped them on their pvp conquest. After that I focused mainly on raiding and pve content in all expansions to come. Raided very actively until end of Throne of thunder. At this point my server fell apart because to much Horde presence. We migrated to a new server, but guild didn’t survive such migration and fell apart. In warlords I took some longer pause because of some real-life problems and adapting to life in Germany. I returned at beginning of Legion and raided all until now with a Balkan guild on Ragnaros but on Horde side because of real life Friends. In BFA I got very nice logs and could say I am expert of Demonology warlock as spec

My retail experience is on my warlock, we cleared 3 bosses on Mythic in EP. New raid all but last 2 bosses on normal with solid logs

Raid Role

I am very good at analysis of boss mechanics. I can see some small patterns when bosses trigger some ability how many time it occurs etc. I other words quiet and speak only if i have something important to say during boss fight

Your Spec

My raid role is flexible so I can do anything guild asks me to except plying destruction, this part is non negotiable.

Off-specs and Alternative characters

I have a rogue on Ravencrest ready to do some mythic+, on low side of spectrum


Yes i have a microphone and enjoy talking with people between pulls or just to lift atmosphere up if needed. During tactic and boss fight I usually mute myself just in case.

Battle tag Oda#2303

Combat Logs

Your UI

I use default UI and still tinker about it. I use all raid addons needed dbm, weakauras etc

Guild History

I was not in many guilds in my past. I stay in guild until it falls apart then search best replacement. This is first time I am leaving guild even if it is still standing strong. I can’t play horde anymore or stand it. Also I am being excluded from mythic + etc from my guild members because I play warlock and they are not so great

I wish to join your guild based on my experience with Classic part of guild. Many there got to know me and my abilities.

Raid availability
I can raid on every day.

I am part of Classic guild so I Say Jimmble is my gnomish connection

About you

I am very open minded person that loves games. I studied chemistry and currently in process of writing PhD. As you will notice i like to talk a lot and can talk about any topic you choose (feel free to test it).


My character background is that he is evil twin from Jimmble created during some teleportation malfunction. I died and managed to store my soul in soulshard. Some dummy blood elf found it and thought it is a shiny trinket. I used it to posses him and use his body until I found and repaired my own body. My body was very damaged so I waited and slowly repairing it with mechanical parts. With discovery of Mechagon and their technology I managed to repair it and transfer my soul back and kill dummy blood elf.

Also i accept Jimmble as gnomish overlord :)

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Re: Retail Raider Krekandus

Post by Jimmble » 26 Jan 2020, 20:19


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Re: Retail Raider Krekandus

Post by cvrabete » 27 Jan 2020, 13:19

Mr. Jimmble !!! More robognomes !!! *casts invisibility*

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Re: Retail Raider Krekandus

Post by Zephilie » 28 Jan 2020, 18:39

Hey Kreka sry it took so long we are willing to accept you for a trial. Poke me Fahranya or Riarn so we can include you to our raiding roster.