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[Social] Classic Application

Post by Gisèle » 04 Nov 2019, 22:23

Who is your character?
Level 24 shadow priestress of the Nightelves, Gisèle

Who are you?
My Name is Patrice, I'm 25 and am from Luxembourg. (It's a guy's name in my case just to avoid misunderstandings straight away haha)

Mainly PvP but also PvE a bit more sporadically, oh and ocasionally I rp

Guild history
Not a real Guild history, when I used to raid back in Wotlk it was on a german server and really don't remember the names anymore:D but yeah on retail on a fun social guild Sporregar Defenders-Ravenholdt, for the rest I mainly use battletags for PvP

I heard about you guys from Rhena, if I'm not mistaken (her twink that I joined in Stockades was named Larine, a Rogue)

About you
I'm a WoW player of 10+years and although I started in PvE I almost only do PvP at this point, on a fairly high level too. But I don't mind really, I love doing PvE content just as much if I have the group for it:) I just love the social part of the game and doing content together, my silly ego kinda lusts a PvP brawl as naturally as the beating of the heart sometimes but other than that I'm a really chill guy

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Re: [Social] Classic Application

Post by Jingles » 04 Nov 2019, 22:35

Thanks for your application. The officers will review it asap and get back to you 8)

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Re: [Social] Classic Application

Post by Zephilie » 05 Nov 2019, 09:33

Your application has been approved please poke an officer for an guild invite.
Also sorry for the delay.

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Re: [Social] Classic Application

Post by Jimmble » 06 Nov 2019, 17:58