Déjà vu

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Déjà vu

Post by Cassini » 14 Aug 2007, 22:40

This seems...familiar...

So I hope you remember me. I was in the guild before with, initially my priest, then my mage which became my main. I left a while back to see some more of the end game content, and although at the time was warned that I may face raid burn out I thought I'd give it a go anyway. Well I gave it a go, (I joined The Aegis) and it has been kind of fun, but recently I've not found raiding as much fun as the focus has shifted from when I first joined to a much more hardcore raiding approach. This isn't what I want from the game as I play more to be able to relax in good company and enjoy the raids rather than focus on nothing but killing bosses. I won't badmouth The Aegis as there are some really nice people in the guild, and they did give me the chance I asked for to see some of the content I have.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to come home! If you'll have me back that would be great! :)

Here is the info you request from new applicants...

1) Cassini, Gnome Mage (main)/ Themrs, Female Human, Priest (alt)

2) Cass is my main, as he became during my previous time in The Raven Council. I went a while without using Themrs at all as Cass is my favoured PVE character, but I'm quite happy to bring Themrs along for a raid here and there if she's ever needed. Her gear isn't great due to a bit of neglect, but I shouldn't imagine it would take much effort to bring her up to speed.

3) As I mentioned in my opening statement, I play the game to relax in good company and have fun in the raids I attend. I guess this makes me a casual player, and I have recently been finding the demands of being in a guild that is not so casual a bit much. I enjoyed my previous time in TRC so it seemed natural that I try again to get back into the family.

4) My main aim is to start enjoying playing WoW again. I think I can do that here.

5) *cough

Edit: God damn it - Peek beat me to it! :P