HC raiding

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HC raiding

Post by Ollawa » 31 Aug 2020, 20:14

Who is your character?
Ollawa, warrior, arms/fury/prot.
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... ldt/ollawa
https://www.wowprogress.com/character/e ... ldt/Ollawa
The wowprogress is highly unaccurate it seems but oh well.

Who are you?
Not sharing my name as its very uncommon and easily to locate, but people call me Cas and I am 29, I am from a scandinavian country. Nor should I really have to share my irl alias through the internet if I aint comfortable about it.

Only cleared raids when they were current, check curve. I missed out on some due to taking a break and MoP didnt really sit well with me at the beginning and got a bit burnt out. I only have a goal to clear heroic as my schedule is busy due to irl. But I joined for mythic raids with my previous guild as backup. Started to raid semi hardcore in wrath when I could and had time, started to stop semi hardcore raiding during wod and went more casual. Mythic was no longer a goal due to the requirement of 20man was too much work, and people constantly couldnt turn up and keep the roster stable.

I was a hunter before, but m+ group required a tank and all the war specs are somewhat fun. More flexible playing war as well. I was a hunter since vanilla up til BFA.

I also played holy paladin a bit in cata, still play it now and then. But its a lot of work to keep multiple toons up, so I try to stick with 1 flexible class. Would play pala next expansion but I hate holy power and the dps spec.

Raid Role
I always turn up, if I cant I give a well heads up before time, got references if needed. Not the best, not the worst. Always room for improvement. Keeping myself updated with raioder.io and icy veins. Good pin points of how to enchant, build your talents etc there. I buy my own flask, pots, food enchants etc.

Fatboss raid videos for raids I tend to watch.

Describe your current role in a raid team, how you prepare for it and how you judge your own performance. Where do you learn new things and keep yourself updated on your class?]

Your Spec
If you want me to tell my rotation expect a book. Basically, haste and crit = more rage, more rage more damage. But now as the scaling is all in arms mastery (bleeds) You basically stack either crit and mastery or haste and mastery for both ticks, get abilities off cd and gain rage from auto attacks. But atm my build is for m+ not raiding. Basically, more bleed up time more damage. Plus you also get a lot of haste from corruption which will be gone soon. So the build would likely look very different than it is now.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
Too comfortable, this expansion I raided as arms/fury, but in m+ I tank. I did tank raids for a while but gets boring fast. I would like alts but as mentioned, its hard to maintain a life and alts up to date at the same time. Too much work so I rather focus on one character.

But I will likely focus on my paladin alt to heal with if I were to gear it up. But I never liked healing in raids. So dont expect much alting from me. Healing is more fun in m+ scenarios than raiding.
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... /casgareth.
I am very confident with my paladin. I find it fun to heal 16 bursting stacks at the start of shrine dungeons and kill all the mobs at the same time on each atal dazar pull with the dinos. 28 or thirtynine has a lot of experience with my playstyle.

I use mic, comfortable using it, leading my own m+ group. I always were given special jobs as both hunter and warrior. Example is off tanking as arms on the zul reborn fight if a tank died or needed a break or doing the balls on ghuun as warriors are super mobile. Older raid guilds I always wanted and did the special jobs on my hunter too like kiting and soloing stuff.

I have leaded and still leading a lot plus lead a lot during work time. So regards to raiding I just want to join, raid, and do my job. My time is very limited to participate in all these things and I have a life at the moment and a girlfriend I must take care of and be with. And its hard to find everything when working 8-9 hours a day.

Cas#1622 is my btag.

Combat Logs
I only have tank logs mostly and paladin tank/healer logs. As I was only backup for my previous guild they are long gone or somewhere in all the logs. Probably got m+ logs but doubt they will give the information you request.

Guild History
Started in 28s guild or thirtynine, thats where I mainly raided. Took a break in mop because I didnt like the direction of the game, went casual. Joined a casual guild which I raid leaded in team 2, the guild fell apart because team 2 progressed better and faster than team 1. Started raiding properly again in wod with a guild on moonglade, cleared hc, then joined kindred because the realm was dead. Been there since. Now they plan to swap to horde and another realm. As most of my friends are ally and my m+ team is ally I dont want to swap. And I enjoy m+ more than raiding, so didnt seem worth spending lots of money and leaving behind my team and friends. 28 is in the guild, and I know your goal is at least clearing hc which is my goal too as before. And I need an alright and more relaxed guild due to irl schedules and such.

Raid availability
No difficulties. If I cant join I tend to give a heads up days ahead. But again, irl before WoW. Sometimes you cant help not being able to come. But my references can vouch from I am reliable.

Fonjask and dubur from Kindred. And 28 or as you guys might know him as thirtyseven or twentynine. He has so many numbered names that I aint sure which is his main anymore.

About you
Outgoing and chill, like to have fun. But in the end I just want to progress and reach my goal.

Likely will join for hc, clear that and join raiding again when next raid is out. But I can probably join as backup for mythic and such if needed. But I have played this game for so many years now that I try not to get burnt out. And raiding starts to feel old, but I still want to do them in hc at least once when the raid is current. But my guild is undecided if they will swap yet or not. Should know by the end of this week.
Poke me if you want to know anything else.


Re: HC raiding

Post by Ollawa » 31 Aug 2020, 20:17

Sorry for the double posting.

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Re: HC raiding

Post by Cecîl » 01 Sep 2020, 09:08

Thank you for your application. The officers will deliberate and respond to you shortly :)

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Re: HC raiding

Post by Zephilie » 01 Sep 2020, 22:43

Hey Ollawa we decided to offer you a trial when we come back to raiding (which will be when pre patch comes in) so please poke officer for an invite.


Re: HC raiding

Post by Ollawa » 02 Sep 2020, 11:23

Zephilie wrote:
01 Sep 2020, 22:43
Hey Ollawa we decided to offer you a trial when we come back to raiding (which will be when pre patch comes in) so please poke officer for an invite.
Cool, will poke after work and have a chat then if anyone is on. Will hold on swapping guild til anything is decided though if thats alright.

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Re: HC raiding

Post by Jimmble » 06 Sep 2020, 11:28