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[Raider] Pawl

Post by r0xp0x » 07 Nov 2020, 12:53

Who is your character?
Pawl the Fabulous Crazy Cat Man! Balance or Restoration druid as main raid spec. WoW Armory

Who are you?

Timothy, 29 years old Swede, working as a speech-to-text and sign language interpreter.


A part from some jumping in here and there if the guild needed an extra person and some LFR runs, I don't really have much raiding experience (been all about that M+ runnin'!)

Raid Role

I don't have a current role in the raid team, but I'd probably join in as a ranged DPS mostly (since there are already plenty of healers for the raid *sob*). I usually check WoWHead or Icy-Veins and the Discord group/s for my class/spec of choice to see what the most optimal build is for M+/raids.

Your Spec
Well, again, I'd say my main spec is Restoration Druid, but I started out as a Feral Druid and I'm dabbling more into Balance Druid (easier to get gear because there's no Agility/Intellect difference in Balance/Restoration gear).
Rotation/stat priorities is mostly from what WoWHead, Icy-Veins and the Discord servers recommend, but I don't alwas follow it to the T, because I also want it to be what I feel works for me.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I have zero problems switching from DPS or healer if ever needed. That's what's part of the fun of playing a Druid, I can be whatever I want to be!
I've also thought of joinin the raid team on my Affliction Warlock Kreiel. Now at the end of the expansion I've been playing it a lot more and I'm enjoying it. I do have healer alts and DPS alts as well, if there's a particular class/spec that is needed.

No problems communicating using a microphone, and I would of course check in on the forums for new tactix, ideas or what have you.

Combat Logs
Don't have any logs because, well, I haven't done enough raiding to log them (nor had the need to). I do have my Raider.IO Score!

Your UI
The UI is always under construction. But it does works for me.
Link to the screenshot if it doesn't show up.

Guild History
The Raven Council is the only guild I've been in.

Raid availability
Of course I'll try my best to be available on all the raiding days, but with the way my work schedule is different from day to day there COULD be days where I'm working at raid hours.

Everyone knows about the Fabulous Pawl!

About you
Well, each day while playing with people from the guild I'm learning more and more how to multitask, going between healing M+ while signing with my deaf boyfriend, and listening to everyone on Discord what we're about to do next.
Other than that, I try as best as I can to be positivte about any situation that happens in-game (from toxic people, to failed M+ runs or other things that could bring you down).

Ain't got nothing more to say.

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Re: [Raider] Pawl

Post by Jimmble » 07 Nov 2020, 14:59


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Re: [Raider] Pawl

Post by Trok » 07 Nov 2020, 18:51

Raven Council is gonna dominate Mythic SL now! get ready Castle Nathria

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Re: [Raider] Pawl

Post by Zephilie » 08 Nov 2020, 10:44

We will bring you for trial Pawl :)