[Raider] Ædelwulf - Rogue

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[Raider] Ædelwulf - Rogue

Post by FLloyd » 19 Oct 2020, 20:04

Who is your character?
Ædelwulf - Rogue - Preferably playing outlaw for now during pre-patch but I can play all three specs as needed.
Armory link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/char ... %A6delwulf

Who are you?
Florian aka FLloyd, 26, Frenchie software engineer from Northern France !

I have done some raiding on and off while I was playing, at least clearing heroic most of those times and I did do some Mythic Prog on Nighthold during my time in Violent Circus, but during my school years I had quite a few health and gear issues that made it impossible to play regularly and be able to do regular progression.
Since I now have my own place and a decent job I can finally get back into without the constraints I had before :D

Raid Role

I've mostly played DPS while raiding (though I did heal a bit during Heroic when needed since I've mained Priest and Monk before).
Preparation-wise, I hang out a lot on the Rogue class discord to keep up to date on gearing/talent/rotation optimization.

This is my current talent setup which is currently the same for ST/AoE strangely (Ghostly Strike can be better in ST and Killing Spree as well but it does depend on lot on gear): https://www.wowhead.com/talent-calc/rogue/outlaw/mBSM

My current gear is not perfectly tuned to the state of outlaw during pre-patch since I was playing assassination before and my stat priority basically reversed completely so it's a work in progress to remove that Haste and get dat sweet versatility. I run a lot of sims using raidbots(mostly using the Patchwerk and Dungeon Slice profiles), to finetune gearing and talent choices since some are currently quite gear dependant.
My current trinkets are really meh, but I am currently looking for the right replacements ( Higher ilvl Torment in a Jar, Dead-eye Spyglass and Harlan's Loaded Dice specifically)

I'm used to go through warcraft logs to get some metrics on what went well and what could be improved by comparing my logs to other playing the same class.

Your Spec

Well rotation-wise I religiously follow the wowhead guide written by the extremely competent folk from the Ravencrest Discord, I couldn't do more than actually copy-paste it.
Similarly for the stat priority it is currently Versa > Crit > Mastery > Haste which is a bit troublesome since Haste used to be my best stat >.>

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I'm comfortable playing all specs if needed, and I'm looking forward to main subtlety comes Shadowlands !
Also I intend to maintain my former raiding main (My priest) in shadowlands since the expac looks much more alt-friendly and I would not mind playing the Priest as well to the best of my abilities if it could be useful to the team.


From TS2 to Mumble to TS3 to Discord, I'm perfectly comfortable with voice chat, if you can bear my really weird absolutely not french accent.

Combat Logs
I just have a few logs for this tier since I actually starting maining rogue at the start of 8.3 and will continue to towards Shadowlands: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... rtition=-1

Your UI

Still a work in progress but it's simple, I'm gonna rework that WA group I'm borrowing to fit my tastes better, and I also have the DBM bar on the left for abilities that you can't see right now.

Guild History
I've been in TRC as a social for a while now, and I was previously in Violent Circus before they took a break from retail while I was on a wow break myself.

Raid availability
Current raid schedule of Wednesday/Sunday fits me perfectly. I can raid other days but Fridays/Saturdays are harder. Also I really like a two-days raiding schedule, but I don't mind going up to three temporarily (for trying to finish pushing a tier for example).


Well I've been in the guild for a while now so I know full well about how it is ruled by tyrannical gnome overlords.

About you
I have very little inspiration at the moment, but I've played with most of you at least once already so I hope you do know a bit about me already :mrgreen:


Revolution is on its way, down with the gnome supremacy, now is the time for Wolfies to seize power !

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Re: [Raider] Ædelwulf - Rogue

Post by Cecîl » 19 Oct 2020, 22:16

Good boi

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Re: [Raider] Ædelwulf - Rogue

Post by Zephilie » 21 Oct 2020, 17:37

Thanks for your app we will take a look at it and respond as soon as possible.

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Re: [Raider] Ædelwulf - Rogue

Post by Zephilie » 21 Oct 2020, 19:56

Your app has been accepted see you in raid