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Social application

Post by Barkolator » 09 Oct 2020, 18:56

Who is your character?
I got 3 120 lvl players still trying to deside what i'm going to play on sl.

Who are you?
Odysseas 22 y.o.

i pretty match enjoy the whole content of wow, everything fits if you got a nice group.

Guild history
Mental Asylum

Sinister's friend

About you
Well, i have a full-time job and i enjoy playing wow in my free time basically 3-5 hours per day. I like spending time doing activities like mythic +, raids etc. with my groupmates.

kappacino with brown sugar :D :D :D

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Re: Social application

Post by Jimmble » 09 Oct 2020, 19:36

Thanks for your application. Please, give us some time to review it.

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