[Raider] Calinus

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[Raider] Calinus

Post by cvrabete » 28 Sep 2020, 09:30


Who is your character?
Calinus, Holy Priest

Who are you?
Calin, 31, Romania

I switched to healing for the first time in my WoW "career" and I loved it. Also I played in the Horde for the past year and I will probably give my healing experience from there.
Mythic dungeons - I managed to time all dungeons over 15 with 17 the highest (didn't push more because I took a break of several months).
Raid - I cleared with the guild more than 10 times HC Nyalotha and PuGed mythic with 3 kills (The pugs usually break at Maut so...). I didn't raid mythic with the guild, because they already have benched healers and did not have an offspec.

Raid Role
Healer. Raid and m+.

Your Spec
Probably we all know it is not the best spec for m+ and not the best for raiding (probably), but it is the one that I enjoy the most. The feeling of an old school healer gets me going with it without the metas.

Off-specs and Alternative characters.
I mostly want to focus on the healing char, but I do have the oldest char in the Council- my mage Vhrabete and also a Shammy with whom I mostly healed but nothing fancy.

No problem hanging on disc in m+ and raids.

Combat Logs
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... rtition=-1 (it seems in all I can find all the kills)

Your UI
Don't have a screenshot at this point.
I use Bartender for bars
Weak Auras
Raider Notes (or how is it called)

Guild History
I joined in WoD when one little wizard by the name Jimmble invited me in the mighty Council.
As I remember I raided with the RG2 once or twice HC Hellfire. Cleared HC Emerald + 2 Myth bosses (Ursoc was bad - Jimmble kept yelling PROBLEMS !). HC Trials of Valor (without Helya). Cleared HC Nighthold. Cleared HC Uldir and 1 or 2 bosses on myth (I think).

Raid availability

Jimmble, Neinhearth, The chikkin,Nisamja, etc. I know some of you and probably some of you know me. :)

About you
I am calm, like to quest and love the Lore of WoW.

Thank you for the time and have a great day,

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Re: [Raider] Calinus

Post by Fahranya » 28 Sep 2020, 16:50

Hey, Vrab! Thanks for the new application. Not entirely necessary since you've already been a raider before. But sure. We'll process it ASAP. :)

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