Raiding Application

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Raiding Application

Post by Lexder » 07 Sep 2020, 20:23

Who is your character?
Lexder Warlock ... ood/Lexder.

Who are you?
Joe 25, Live in Lincolnshire UK.

I started raiding back in Wrath, but was nothing too serious then stopped till Legion. In Legion became an officer in a semi-hardcore mythic raiding guild up until BOD when I changed guild then decided to take a break from WoW.

Raid Role
I use the warlock discord mainly to keep up to date on my class and always make sure to go over my logs after a raid to see how I can improve. For preparing for a raid fight I watch youtube.

Your Spec
As of right now my character has trash gear since I have only played a bit of patch 8.3

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I usually main Aff if I can, but I am comfortable with all 3 warlock specs. In Shadowlands I am looking to play a DK as an alt which I wouldn't mind tanking on.

Perfectly happy to communicate over mic and use forums. Joe#2256

Combat Logs ... ood/lexder

Your UI
I just use bartender and weakauras for my UI.

Guild History
Was an officer in Aurora (the Defias one not Ravenholdt) then switched to Synergy for BOD.

Raid availability
Can make the raids with no problems.

I saw you on wowprogress while searching for a new guild for Shadowlands.

About you
Pretty relaxed person, like to see big numbers on screen.

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Re: Raiding Application

Post by Fahranya » 07 Sep 2020, 20:33

Thank you for your application. Please give us some time to deliberate.


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