HC / Mythic Raider - Playen

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HC / Mythic Raider - Playen

Post by Playen » 02 Sep 2020, 10:04

Who is your character?
Playen - Ravencrest
Outlaw Rogue (473 AoE/M+ & 476 Single Target)

Who are you?
Chris - 36 from London

I started back in Vanilla where I main'd a Warrior, struggled on Molten Core but got there in the end after countless wipes had no problem clearly AQ and Blackwing Lair. I then re-rolled to a paladin during TBC and loved it healed through back temple and then during WoTLK I was asked to go to Melee, I decided to re-roll as a Rogue because we had two retri paladins already which I've stuck to even since. I've cleared multiple tiers on my rogue with multiple curves, now looking to focus on clearing hc's and then go in to mythics.

Raid Role
So currently I play Outlaw in raids which I can keep up with both Add fights and Single Target. I learn the majority of the tactics by youtube and also "doing" the fights. You have to wipe in order to learn so yeah.

Your Spec
My spec is Outlaw which I've run since the days of "Combat Rogues" currently my neck is almost 95 with and my azerite pieces are 475 and above. I have BIS at 465 on everything else however the weekly M+ cache is not giving me upgrades! x-( ... I use Infinite Stars for single target where I focus on Crit / Haste rather than Crit / Verse - If I'm going M+ or Hivemind then it'll be Crit / Verse with Stat corruptions.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
Considering re-rolling in Shadowlands but willing to look at what the guild needs.

Yup for sure - I use Discord and always will to help out with tactics if needed. My Bnet is Playen#21379

Combat Logs
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... est/playen
HC Xanesh - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/rF ... amage-done
HC Hivemind - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/tc ... amage-done
HC Shad - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/7C ... amage-done

Your UI
I use the standard Ui with weak aura's for spell-cooldowns.

Guild History
I've been in many guilds over the past 15 years - HordeToDeath was the main raiding guild I was in during the vanilla times. now I've mainly been focusing on soloing and helping out guilds for the last few weeks.

Raid availability

Spoke to one of your officers (Moriarty)

About you
I'm chilled and like hiking - currently living in London and hoping to move out of the city. I love fitness (not an addict) and enjoy playing games.

Nope! just let me know and I'll server transfer.

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Re: HC / Mythic Raider - Playen

Post by Fahranya » 02 Sep 2020, 10:40

Thank you for your application. Please give us some time to deliberate.

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