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Posted: 22 Jul 2020, 23:47
by Twentyeight
Who is your character?
[Thirtynine, Hunter, Main BM ... thirtynine and ... Thirtynine.

Who are you?
[My name is Ronni. Im 29yrs and live in Denmark]

[I did a lot of raiding on my shaman bare in the days from wotlk to MoP. Had a break from wow and came back end legion. Did Uldir HC clear, miss BoD, EP and Ny’alotha HC clear. Most of BFA was on my Demon Hunter (Havoc).

Raid Role
[My current role is DPS but I don’t mind healing or tanking but I have never done it for like a season more like off spec or on alts if needed. After doing a lot of m+ I always have a lot of food, flasks and pots with me. Lately I have been using wowprogress a lot to check how im doing with others. I did some RL in Uldir so I know how important it is to see vods from more then just one place. I normaly see fatboss.]

Your Spec
[Well you all know how its to play a hunter, GOOOO PET!!] JK!

Off-specs and Alternative characters
[Im fine going to an offspec but I would like to know it before and incase I need to set up a few macros or bring something more needed.]
[My plan is to have my paladin or Demon hunter as my alt.]

[I might not say a lot in the start unless it have something to do with raiding or m+ but later as I start knowing people I might talk to much and I like to have info on discord because you just always have it up.]
Combat Logs ... thirtynine ... hirtyseven

Guild History
[After I came back to wow if found a guild but it died end of Uldir. So was guildless for BoD and then I joined The Awakened. Now Im ready do leave again because of the way the guild is moving. I don’t my helping people but getting asked week after week to boost people is just not a place for me.]

Raid availability
[Raid day/Time fit my well. If they didn’t I would not use anything asking to join.]

Re: Thirtynine

Posted: 23 Jul 2020, 13:33
by Zephilie
Hello thank you for your app officers will take a look at it. Also the Raiding team is currently on break we will come back to raiding when pre-patch hits so if you dont mind joining as a social for now we would take you in.

Re: Thirtynine

Posted: 24 Jul 2020, 09:20
by Zephilie
Your app has been approved please poke officer for an invite