[Social] Tajine, Lvl 48 Hunter

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[Social] Tajine, Lvl 48 Hunter

Post by Sash » 28 May 2020, 17:21

Who is your character?
Tajine, NE Hunter

Who are you?
Sasha, 28 years old from UAE

During my times on, i would mostly focus on raid progression content, as well as the gold making.

Guild history
I haven't been in any guilds recently.

I saw the guild through the in game search engine and decided to give it a go.

About you
I started playing WoW during the WOTLK and returned for the Legion. Unfortunately, due to the IRL situation i was forced to take a break. I was playing Classic during the launch up until the 2nd phase finish, but the lack of content i have decided to step down and try my luck with retail later on. Taking in consideration the current situation in the world, there is plenty time for even more plentiful amount of content that this game provides and i'm hoping to explore that as the part of positive environment like your guild seems to be.

Master race. :mrgreen:

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Re: [Social] Tajine, Lvl 48 Hunter

Post by Jimmble » 28 May 2020, 19:43

Thanks for your application. Please, give us some time to review it.

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Re: [Social] Tajine, Lvl 48 Hunter

Post by Zephilie » 29 May 2020, 15:30

Your application has been approved please poke officer for an invite.