Application for Krankle

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Application for Krankle

Post by Krankle » 26 Nov 2019, 21:28

Who is your character?
[Your character name, race, and class. Note our naming policy found Here!]
My Character's name is Krankle. He's a gnome rogue who dabbles with engineering!

Who are you?
[Your name, age, and where you’re from]
My name is Brian, im 21 years old and I'm from the Netherlands.

[What do you like to do most in WoW?]
I enjoy PvE, PvP and casual RP. I tend to enjoy most activities in WoW :)

Guild history
[What other guilds were you in recently?]
My current guild is Garden, a somewhat casual / hardcore guild. I haven't raided with them as im still leveling up my first character on Zandalar Tribe.

[How did you hear about us? Do you happen to know someone in the guild?]
Jimmble told me!

About you
[A little something about yourself, as a person and/or your experiences within the game. It can be brief if you like, it's just a sort of introduction to the rest of the guild. :)]
I'm a software engineer who is about to finish his education. You can talk to me anything about tech and related stuff. I also enjoy boardgames and DnD alot!

[What are they all about, eh?]
*eyes suspiciously* You haven't noticed that I'm a.... gnome yet?

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Re: Application for Krankle

Post by Zephilie » 27 Nov 2019, 15:51

We approved your app please poke an officer for guild invite.

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Re: Application for Krankle

Post by Jimmble » 03 Dec 2019, 11:42