[Raider] -- Mattdemon, Havoc Demon Hunter

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[Raider] -- Mattdemon, Havoc Demon Hunter

Post by mattdemon » 10 Jan 2019, 17:26

Who is your character?
Mattdemon, Havoc Demon Hunter: Armory / WoWProgress

Who are you?
Pete, 32, Northampton, UK

Raided 10-man ICC during WotLK as Affliction Warlock with guild Origin, clearing Heroic while it was current content. I stopped playing WoW during the start of Cataclysm and have only jumped back in since the release of BfA.

Raid Role
Melee DPS - I tend to read up on the fights and watch a few runs before a raid. I'm currently using Details! to analyse my performance, trying to make sure I'm close to my simmed DPS as well as avoiding avoidable damage. I use a combination of AMR, raidbots, icy veins, wowhead and bloodmallet to make sure I'm up-to-date with any changes and am optimal with my DPS output.

Your Spec
Currently (equipped) ilevel 374. General priority: Eye Beam > Blade Dance > Immolation Aura > Chaos Strike > Demon's Bite (and usually saving Metamorphosis for boss fights). Most talent picks are for most efficient DPS increase but having a movement slow with Master of Glaives can be situationally useful as can taking Netherwalk over the leech talent when certain damage sources need to be soaked (eg bursting spiders vs Yazma in Atal'Dazar).

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I've tanked a few Mythics as Vengeance but no raid content.
I try to keep the following alts decently geared but they are played a lot less:
Indubitable, Beast Mastery Hunter: Armory
Jüpe, Demonology Warlock: Armory

Have a mic and am happy to chime in when needed. Also happy to discuss/keep up top date using the site/forums.

Combat Logs
I don't currently have any logs but am now set up to record them in the future. I'll try to get some uploaded from PUGs in the next few days.

Your UI

Guild History
Origin (Horde) - Defias Brotherhood
I'm looking to get back in to the challenge of raiding after a long hiatus.

Raid availability

I can make all raiding days/times.

Hafren - GM of Origin during WotLK

About you
I'm a cat person. I drink a lot of tea. I like to play board games when I'm not playing PC games.

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Re: [Raider] -- Mattdemon, Havoc Demon Hunter

Post by Fahranya » 10 Jan 2019, 21:23

Thank you for your application. Please give us some time to review it.

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