From social to RG2

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From social to RG2

Post by Elory » 20 Aug 2018, 16:01

Who is your character?
Elori Protection Paladin ... hood/elori ... hood/Elori

Who are you?
My name is Nenad im coming from Serbia and i`m 31 years old ! Now living in Bosnia and Hercegovina cuz of work !

To which Raid Group are you Applying?

I`m playing wow since 2005. strat playing casual and when TBC came out i wanted to do some serious raiding so i joined Revelation (best guild on the server back than) and start raiding from Black tample as resto Shaman... Played with them WotLK also and have server 1st achivment in ToC! i had some break from wow raiding until Legion when i started to play prot pala and started to do pugs for HC progres where i killed all HC bosses (as prot it was easeyer to find group :P ) and now i love to do tanking !

Raid role ?
well always coming prepared for raid,with flasks,pots and food! before raid learning everything i can from youtube ( FATBOSS guide ) ice veins and similar sites ... and im always open for suggestion !

Your Spec ?
My spec looks something like this : ... ction/cjxM
Blessed Hammer for dps or survival against physical damage, Crusader's Judgment for more single target dmg and reducing remaining time on Shield of the Righteous,using fist of justice if i need single target interupt or Blinding light for AoE interupt, Blessing of Spellwarding if you need to negate a magic mechanic or Cavalier if i need more mobility,using hand of protector for some extra healing on myself, Judgment of Light for extra raid healing, and using Righteous Protector for single target survival or Last Defender for aoe survival !
stat prio are
1 Haste
2 Mastery
3 Versatility
4 Critical Strike

Off-specs and Alternative characters:
Well i was healer back in WotLK on shaman,so i think i can try to do some healing on paladin if needed! :D


i have mic and can talk if its really needed otherwise im more comfortable to listening ! :P cuz my english is not
that good! i understand everything but have some trublle to talk :P

Your UI:

Guild History :
Keepers of Mraknes back in Vanila, Revelation back in TBC WotLK ... and now im in The raven council !

Raid availability :
Well im available every day! onli there is times when im going to business trip and cant come for raids but ill post on forum when i cant come!

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Re: From social to RG2

Post by Tudum » 21 Aug 2018, 09:11

Ey man, thanks for your app, we will talk soon !

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Re: From social to RG2

Post by Fahranya » 23 Aug 2018, 09:32

Accepted for trial