[RG2] Millana, Warrior

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Character name: Millana

[RG2] Millana, Warrior

Post by Leokaiser » 28 Jul 2018, 02:50

Who is your character?
Millana - Level 110 Fury Warrior

Who are you?
Dom, 33, Scotland. Video game obsessive, been addicted to MMOs since the launch of EverQuest. Been a social member of the guild since the end of WoD, but was only active for a few brief periods over Legion. Really want to do some endgame content in BfA though.

To which Raid Group are you Applying?

I was a progression raider in vanilla and TBC, and a casual/normal raider in Wrath, though I haven't raided since. I have some experience tanking (was MT through BWL, Trial and ICC when they were current), and a bit of healing here and there, though the vast majority of raiding experience was on Mage, clearing everything in vanilla up 3/4 wings of Naxx40 (minus C'thun!) when it was current in vanilla - getting server first kills on Twin Emps and Razuvious - and everything in TBC up to Felmyst minus SSC and TK. Done most of Wrath when it was current, but only on normal. No organised raid experience as melee dps, but have been playing Fury in all other areas of the game for over a decade!

Raid Role
1: Plan - learn bosses and know how to play your class properly. Icy Veins my is my go-to for information these days.
2: Prepare - enchants, gems, food, flasks, pots, respec tomes, etc. Show up on time.
3: Survive - pay attention to mechanics and raid calls, dodge the fire, punch the bad guys.

I judge my performance by how well I executed my abilities and handled the mechanics of the fight. I always strive to improve, be that my positioning as a tank or my raw numbers as a dps, and I have a good knack for learning the finer details of my class and using logs from Recount to figure how how to get better.

Your Spec
My default BFA spec will probably look something like this.

I'm a big fan of the Carnage playstyle over Frothing Berserker with the change to Recklessness, dumping as many Rampages as possible - great Enrage uptime and it cleaves pretty hard with Whirlwind. Will need to experiment with Siegebreaker and Furious Slash more when our haste levels go down. Bladestorm will be swapped with Dragon's Roar if AoE is needed more frequently, and Massacre used during any of those sweet extended execute phases. Stat priotity is haste > crit > vers > mastery; crit has gone up in value a lot with the old Battle Shout gone, but stacking haste is just too much fun!

Off-specs and Alternative characters
Perfectly comfortable tanking or using both DPS specs on Warrior - I massively prefer Fury, but would use Arms if it performs significant better. Have all classes at level 100+ and am happy to have a raiding alt of any class; enjoy playing Mage a lot too.

I have a microphone and am comfortable using it, but good luck with my Scottish accent :p My Battle Tag is Leokaiser#2769, you can also find me in guild chat!

Combat Logs
I have no logs as I haven't raided any thing for a very very long time.

Your UI
Pretty simple, just Elvui (raid frames go above left chat, boss frames above right chat) and Tell Me When. I use Recount but generally keep it hidden.

Guild History
Crimson Gauntlet and Vanguard of Justice, both on Defias.

Raid availability
I am flexible.

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Re: [RG2] Millana, Warrior

Post by Fahranya » 30 Jul 2018, 08:54

Hello, Millana.

Sorry for being a tad late to answer you. The heat's been getting to me, I'm afraid.

But thank you for your application. Now please give me some more time to hunt down my co-leaders to co-review it with me.

Please poke me ingame if you have any questions.

(Edit: Nice forum avatar, btw. ;) )

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Re: [RG2] Millana, Warrior

Post by Fahranya » 06 Aug 2018, 21:04

Again with the delays. Sorry.

We definetly want to trial you. But let's talk more in guild.