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by Brollox
26 Apr 2014, 15:57
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Who is your character? ßrollox Who are you? Nothing here has changed............I think......*hic*.... Morne, 36 from South Africa.. Which of our two raid groups are you applying for? RG1 25man HC ---> Mythic WoD Raid role ...
by Brollox
01 Apr 2014, 13:15
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Topic: Raiding app
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Re: Raiding app

application looks solid, i would like to give you a trial run this wednesday

wisper me ingame pls

B(alt 225)rollox

by Brollox
17 Sep 2013, 17:12
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Milamber DK

Who is your character? Milamber , Night Elf Death Knight Who are you? Juandre, 26, living in South Africa Activity Jam with my friends, quest dungeon and such. Guild history None to mention really, just a social guild on Saurgang. References My brother is Brollox, also good friends with Morlogg, tho...
by Brollox
11 Jul 2013, 20:26
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Topic: ßrollox 90 Death Knight
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ßrollox 90 Death Knight

Who is your character? [ßrollox, Death Knight, Blood/Frost, Who are you? My name is Morne, i'm 36 and from South Africa. Which of our two raid groups are you applying for? RG2 Raid role Previous raid group i was in was Liqu...