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by r0xp0x
07 Nov 2020, 12:53
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Topic: [Raider] Pawl
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[Raider] Pawl

Who is your character? Pawl the Fabulous Crazy Cat Man! Balance or Restoration druid as main raid spec. WoW Armory Who are you? Timothy, 29 years old Swede, working as a speech-to-text and sign language interpreter. Experience A part from some jumping in here and there if the guild needed an extra ...
by r0xp0x
08 Jan 2019, 22:33
Forum: Recruitment Archive
Topic: [Social] Xiéxié, 110 Monk
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[Social] Xiéxié, 110 Monk

Who is your character? Xiéxié, Pandaren Mistweaver Monk. Who are you? I'm Timothy, soon-to-be 28 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. Activity Depends from day to day; either just staying in one place queueing for LFD-groups, or running around questing, mount/pet/achievement-hunting. I'm tempted to tr...