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by Maarces
21 Sep 2018, 19:26
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Topic: Raider: Ramannon
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Raider: Ramannon

Who is your character? The mage who has the searing heat, and the freezing Void in himself. Ramannon the Fire Mage of the Void Elves! Who are you? I'm Marci a 28 years old hungarian guy. Work as an engineer during the day, but i...
by Maarces
07 Jun 2016, 20:17
Forum: Recruitment Archive
Topic: [Social] Maarces, L100 Druid
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[Social] Maarces, L100 Druid

Who is your character? Maarces, night elf boomkin druid Who are you? Marci, 26 years old from Budapest, Hungary Activity In multiplayer games I prefer to be connected to ppl. Im interested in 5 man dungeons, and maybe raids later. Guild history I'm new to the game, haven't been in guilds yet. Refere...