We're a ridiculously long-standing guild with a lively and welcoming community, on the highly-populated, well-balanced, super-friendly RP-PvP server, Defias Brotherhood EU (retail). We are also present on Zandalar Tribe EU in Classic. The Raven Council's been around since ye olde days of 2005, and we've adapted to all those fancy new expansions and players since then, so this is one guild that almost definitely won't spontaneously combust any time soon.


Our Raid Group

Our two-day raiding group is currently setting up to return from its end-of-expansion-break and will resume recruitment shortly. If you still want to apply you can, but there will be no real raiding until Castle Nathria opens up.

We are looking for skilled players, preferably with at least some previous heroic experience, and are offering a friendly, dedicated home for players who lack the time for three-night-a-week raiding.

Check this thread or contact Fahranya for more info!


We also hold big welcoming bear huggy arms out to social applicants - we rely on you guys to make the guild a generally active and exciting place to be! And you can still join us for various fun raids. ;)

Check out our recruitment sections for more info!

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Zakuun mythic down and we're on 9/13 now!

Zakuun went down pretty fast today, trying the nuke tactic, and ofcourse doing the first seeds in enrage (almost) correctly, though we got him down before too many died. 33 wipes in total, so not too shabby!


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The Raven Council turns Ten! \o/

Greetings Fellow Ravens.

So you might have heard the odd whisper.. Or maybe you've been counting the days yourself..

Perhaps some maddened old Night Elf threatened you in a dark alleyway about how the end is nigh!

Either way, a prophetic date has graced our calendars, and that moment shall soon be upon us. Some say it's what Deathwing was trying to prevent. Some even say, only the long-dead Lich King's army could stop it. Maybe, this is what Illidan is returning for?

Fortunately, Illidan is not yet prepared (They say he's still doing his make-up.)

For the end of this very month will mark..


Yep, one whole decade ago, on this very server - A guild was born. And that guild, was this one! Since then we've welcomed to our home an incredible amount of wonderful people, experienced historic server events, and vanquished more than our fair share of nasty bad guys.

So Ravens, I believe it's time to Party Hard. And not one ogre, demon or dragon can stop us. \o/

Event previews!

- Gnome Race! Bring your top short-legged athletes.

- Black Feather Tournament! Naked duels! Bring bag space.

- Scavenger Hunt! Begins one week before the event! 21st Oct - One clue announced per day! Hand in your collected items prior to the main event.

- Epic Prizes!

- And One Very Special Auction! Hmm what could it be..? Proceeds going towards the guild! Begins prior to the event, final bids taking place during the event. Bring gold!


For now, here's what you need to do:

- Clear your Schedule! Tuesday October 27th, starting 20:00 server time, is when we'll gather as many guildies as possible for the grand event. But also look out for the pre-event stuff going on throughout the week beforehand.

- Get mumble! Make sure it's working & you can connect to our server.

Stay tuned for more info!

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Iskar mythic down, hat trick 8/13 mythic now!

As expected, socrethar and iskar both dropped this week, together with gorefiend. That makes for three bosses in one week, something we haven't done in a while now!

Next up, Fel Lord Zakuun mythic! Shouldn't be too hard.


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Socrethar mythic down!

Let's try and make a hattrick this week and kill three mythic bosses! It should be easy enough to also kill Iskar on tuesday.

For now, let's celebrate that we're now at 7/13 mythic!


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And we have a winner!


Thanks everybody for being part of the Hearthstone Tournament!

This year we have Buharr taking the title of "Hearthstone Champion". Compleete results:

Supreme Champion: Buharr

Worthy Adversary: razzíl

Maybe Next Time: Kalaina

4th place: Yogá

5th place tie: Py




9th place tie: jimmble








17th place: Preeviala

VOD on youtube: ... 3VF-Dnpkd- (Still uploading, be patient)

VOD on twitch:

Special thanks to everybody for joining/watching/commenting! Hope to see you again for the next tournament :D

If you've got any feedback, feel free to leave it on this post or send it to me via PM on twitch/forums or

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  • Raidgroup Recruitment
We're currently accepting applicants.

We are currently recruiting:

Holy or Disc Priest,

ALL ranged DPS classes and specs.

(But we are always interested in dedicated (and friendly) players of all classes and specs.)



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