We're a ridiculously long-standing guild with a lively and welcoming community, on the highly-populated, well-balanced, super-friendly RP-PvP server, Defias Brotherhood EU (retail). We are also present on Zandalar Tribe EU in Classic. The Raven Council's been around since ye olde days of 2005, and we've adapted to all those fancy new expansions and players since then, so this is one guild that almost definitely won't spontaneously combust any time soon.


Our Raid Group

Our two-day raiding group is currently setting up to return from its end-of-expansion-break and will resume recruitment shortly. If you still want to apply you can, but there will be no real raiding until Castle Nathria opens up.

We are looking for skilled players, preferably with at least some previous heroic experience, and are offering a friendly, dedicated home for players who lack the time for three-night-a-week raiding.

Check this thread or contact Fahranya for more info!


We also hold big welcoming bear huggy arms out to social applicants - we rely on you guys to make the guild a generally active and exciting place to be! And you can still join us for various fun raids. ;)

Check out our recruitment sections for more info!

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The Tyrant is dead, long live TRC!

One of the most annoying bosses yet but in the end we did an almost perfect phase 3 with the new movement.

Xhul next!


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TRC 10th Anniversary Event is Over!


So it's Over!

Big thank you to EVERYONE for turning up, participating in our silly events, and making it a fantastic evening!

And especially massive thanks to all the ancient ones who hopped back into the game after up to 6 years away from WoW! I bet that felt strange.. But it was awesome seeing everyone together. And it gave us the chance to get some TRC Founder celebrity selfies too. ;D

And speaking of Councillors.. Congratulations to Twiki on becoming our newest one! Go poke him whenever you need an alt invited to the guild! ;D

Here's a summary of Tuesday's events and results, for the unfortunate Ravens who couldn't attend!

Gnome Race:

At 20:00, TRC invaded the server of Khadgar with an army of 48 gnomes escaped straight from the Gnomeregan decontamination zone! Once free, these plucky little gnomes made a frenzied dash for salvation, apparently found in Arathi Highlands! I won't give too many spoilers, cos you can watch the whole race right here! [click Read all]

But I will warn, it was a bit of a massacre..!

Scavenger Hunt:

The Ancient Councillor's puzzling quests gave a healthy dose of nostalgia to our older players, and a good excuse to go check out some old zones for our newer guys! It turned out to be pretty challenging, and good fun too!

So Liára, Kramt, Versaya, Necati, Xanzara & Fahranya are hereby to be known as the smarty-pants of the guild, the only ones to get all six clues correct! o/


The auction was more exciting than even I anticipated! And that's saying something, cos the other officers can confirm that I anticipated a WWE-style showdown, with gnomes hitting other gnomes with foldable chairs, and angry ex-fiancés turning up!

Pretty much everyone was floored when the final bid of a whopping 1.6 MILLION GOLD was slammed on the table!

And the great thing is, everyone's a winner! Jimmble got an Orc, the other bidders got to not lose a ridiculous amount of money, the guild bank got rich, and the rest of us got a jolly good show! We should auction off Alikh's possessions more often, I say. :D

The poor gnome, though.. His life of luxury is ended!

Black Feather Tournament:

And finally, what guild event would be complete without the traditional Raven Council Test of Strength?

The Circle of Life gave us the perfect (albeit lovely) arena for the duels. And to level the playing field of course, all contestants were forced to strip down to their undies. :oops:

The duels were lightning quick compared to our MoP tourney (WoD health-pools ftw!), so we got plenty of surprise outcomes and epic moments! A few of my favourites..

- Ancient Councilor Celsan (lvl 72!) standing up against the slightly less Ancient Anasazi!

- Pingu finally getting to take all his frustrations out on poor Jimmble!

- Xanzara one-shotting Twiki! O_O

- Ethos turning Razzil into a defenceless sheep surrounded by a pack of his own wolves! :D

- The tank showdown, with Tufib claiming the victory tank pants!

In the end however, the true champions emerged.. Tommel, Razzil, and the undefeated OP Disc, Pylori!

Below are some of my Top Screenies from all the events, taken by various folks, but you can see hundreds more (and upload your own) here!


Here's to more great years with The Raven Council! o/

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10th anniversary screenies

The 10th anniversary event is already in the past now and hopefully it will be a momentous moment for many.

People have begun posting albums of screenies here, so if you have any screenies to share, don't hesitate to post there as well!

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TRC 10th Anniversary Pre-Events Underway!

Look sharp, Ravens!

The Pre-Event parts of both the Auction and the Scavenger Hunt have now begun!

- Here you will find the Auction info, and early-bird bidding in progress:

- Here you will find the info & quests popping up for the Scavenger Hunt:

There'll be one quest released per day until next Tuesday, so keep checking back!

- And for info about Tuesday's Grand Event, check here!


If you have any questions, ask in the info threads, or poke an officer. :)

Have fun!

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Zakuun mythic down and we're on 9/13 now!

Zakuun went down pretty fast today, trying the nuke tactic, and ofcourse doing the first seeds in enrage (almost) correctly, though we got him down before too many died. 33 wipes in total, so not too shabby!


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  • Raidgroup Recruitment
We're currently accepting applicants.

We are currently recruiting:

Holy or Disc Priest,

ALL ranged DPS classes and specs.

(But we are always interested in dedicated (and friendly) players of all classes and specs.)



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