We're a ridiculously long-standing guild with a lively and welcoming community, on the highly-populated, well-balanced, super-friendly RP-PvP server, Defias Brotherhood EU (retail). We are also present on Zandalar Tribe EU in Classic. The Raven Council's been around since ye olde days of 2005, and we've adapted to all those fancy new expansions and players since then, so this is one guild that almost definitely won't spontaneously combust any time soon.


Our Raid Group

Our two-day raiding group is currently setting up to return from its end-of-expansion-break and will resume recruitment shortly. If you still want to apply you can, but there will be no real raiding until Castle Nathria opens up.

We are looking for skilled players, preferably with at least some previous heroic experience, and are offering a friendly, dedicated home for players who lack the time for three-night-a-week raiding.

Check this thread or contact Fahranya for more info!


We also hold big welcoming bear huggy arms out to social applicants - we rely on you guys to make the guild a generally active and exciting place to be! And you can still join us for various fun raids. ;)

Check out our recruitment sections for more info!

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Emerald Nightmare - 5/7 Mythic!

Screenshot Time!

So the Sleepy Dwagons were actually slain a couple weeks ago..



..But the Evil Eye was freshly squashed just last night! Come git yer smoothies!


(That eye appears to be very impressed with Tufib's awesome pose)


Next up, Cenarius! He's meant to be a total push-over, right..?

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Emerald Nightmare - 3/7 Mythic Sleeps

Long time no update, oops! We've all been busy sleeping, dreaming, fighting off nightmares, etc!

Here's some pictures of stuff we banished from Mythic Emerald Nightmare so far:




Elerethe Renferal






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Important: Legion and Beyond!


Thanks for everyone's participation in the new guild name poll!

As you can see it resulted in a landslide victory for

<xXx T R C xXx>

Yeah, thanks for that...

But luckily, it was obviously all an APRIL FOOLS! No insane merger! Sorry guys. :D



Exciting News, everyone!

This has been brewing for quite a few months now..

Some of you may have heard the rumours already - It's been hard to keep things under wraps entirely, but we appreciate everyone's discretion so far.

Now however, the suspense is finally over, and we're excited to reveal the beginnings of our grand plans for Legion!

So, it's been over 10 years of The Raven Council, and frankly it's time to change things up a bit. We've had an opportunity for a very special arrangement, that will hopefully expand our horizons and offer new avenues of fun, engagement and competition from the guild.


Here's the big news:

The remnants of three old & majestic Defias guilds are rising from the grave in the form of an almighty guild merger, with us!

Yes that's right - Joining us will be the likes of <Kingsfall>, <Dominion>, and <Stormwind Regiment>.

This merger will bring together top caliber raiders, world-feared PvP champions, and highly respected roleplayers, all under one banner- Ours!



As part of this arrangement we felt it a fair and generous gesture, to take the exciting chance for a change of guild name! We have many solid ideas for names, and our first big objective with this announcement is to bring the task of choosing one, to our loyal guild members! We think it's a great opportunity to pick something fresh, attention grabbing, and relevant to the state of modern World of Warcraft.

Please check out the options above, vote for your favourite and if you have any particularly strong feeling about your choice please explain your reasoning. Some are serious and some are fun, but whatever is voted highest will stick!

Also if you have any brand new suggestions, just post them here and we'll see how people like them.

This is your chance to make history!


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13/13 Mythic now! HfC cleared!

So many close wipes, even one at under 1% and then finally the release: tier and expansion are over! And still in the same month that we killed Mannoroth.



Now it's just farming mounts and rankings!

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Mannoroth mythic down 12/13 now!

Just Archi mythic left now! Should be easier than Manni.


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  • Raidgroup Recruitment
We're currently accepting applicants.

We are currently recruiting:

Holy or Disc Priest,

ALL ranged DPS classes and specs.

(But we are always interested in dedicated (and friendly) players of all classes and specs.)



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