Raid Group 2 recruiting.

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Raid Group 2 recruiting.

Post#1 » 23 Mar 2016, 20:08


But RG2 is still in full recruiting mode to beef up our group for more kills and, more importantly, for the next step: Mythic raiding! (and the inevitable Legion transition)

Therefore we are looking for several ranged DPS (and MAYBE a melee).

For DPS we are (more or less in order) looking for:
Balance Druid
Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman

We might also be interested in an exceptional melee DPS, but no more than one.

Raid time is:
Mondays & Wednesdays 20:30-23:00 servertime

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.
(Or poke the raid leader Fahranya (aka Rikissa, aka Calwyn). But he might not notice it. He's wearing plate)
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