[Raider] Vaelyn lvl 120 Prot Warrior

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[Raider] Vaelyn lvl 120 Prot Warrior

Post by Vaelyn » 20 Jan 2019, 18:01

Who is your character?
That would be Vaelyn, night elf warrior (pref tank), she's my first love when it comes to raiding and RP, but I have a bunch of alts at high-ish levels that I like to run around with too.

Who are you?
My name is Colette, I'm from the Netherlands and I'm 39.

Back in Vanilla my main was Vaelyn, the warrior. In The Aegis I was one of two main tanks. We took down Nefarian before we charged into AQ40 and took down the Twin Emperors before we headed to Naxx40. I am still proud that I was part of the raid that was the first on the server to kill any boss in Naxx40, when we took down Anub'Rekhan. We took down two or so more bosses before TBC hit.

Sadly, The Aegis didn't survive and together with some friends from TA, we joined The New Expedition. I had changed my main to my priest Dizz, a healer. I even became priest class leader and together we made our way through Sunwell, MH, SSC, Tempest Keep and Black Temple.

When Arthas arrived I once again changed my main, this time to a gnome mage, Danyi. We downed all the baddies, including the big bad Arthas, who we killed many times on 25H.

Shortly after Cataclysm hit, I had taken a break for a few months, but a co-worker got me excited about his guild on Dunemaul, a horde guild. I leveled a shaman, Shaene, that became my main for that expansion, healing those orcs and taurens through countless Dragon Soul 25H runs.

After that, no organised raiding to speak of, besides the Raid Finder here and there. Maybe an alt run that I went on, but nothing substantial.

Raid Role
My role is whatever the guild needs me to be, I have been 'one of the many' but I have taken up leadership positions when needed. If there are too many opinions, I'm happy to keep mine to myself, but if I believe I have an idea that would help, I will let someone know about it. Also happy to give advice or tips to anyone who needs i, if I am able to provide.

How I judge my performance is hard to answer. I ask myself why I died, was it my own fault, should I have moved, did I use the proper cooldowns to survive, should I be standing somewhere else? If a log is uploaded, I will check to see which source I took damage from and if I could have avoided that. Did I do the tank swap correctly, did I grab the right add, all these things come into play and can admit a mistake if I made one.

Checking dps meters as a tank isn't particularly relevant. What is relevant is sites such as Icy Veins, where talents and customization is discussed. I have a pretty good feel of the prot warrior and its abilities, and I will choose my talents based on a combination of the recommended raid talents, my own personal preference, and what the encounter might specifically need.

Your Spec
My artifact level is 29 at the moment, my warrior dinged 120 only a few days ago so I'm still getting that one leveled up.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
If I needed to switch to DPS for some fight, that would be no problem. I leveled through the zones as Fury and am comfortable slapping things in the face.

Besides another warrior at 120 on another realm, I don't have other alts at 120 yet. I do have a paladin at 113, and every other class somewhere between 101 and 108. They all get some love every now and then, but nothing that can join a raid in the very near future.

Once committed to raiding, I will check these forums on a regular basis, and I have already spoken to lots of people on Discord, so that isn't a problem. Battle tag is Vaelyn#2866.

Combat Logs
No logs yet, the ones I had expired long ago. I will look into installing the thing that records stuff.

Your UI
Don't have a screenshot of my UI at the moment, since it's been so long that I raided, I'm not sure of my preferred setup when it comes to new addons, ingame ui, etc. I know what I aim for though, I want raid groups on the left, a clear target and target of target, In the past I used ElvUI and Grid, Clique. Of course the mandatory DBM. I also find RangeDisplay extremely useful. I will have to adjust my UI and how I prefer it by actually going raiding, and finding out I want to change this or that, and do so accordingly. At this moment it's a trial and error thing, but I know what I want when I stand there and realize I need something changed, if that makes any sense.

Guild History
My warrior has been in The New Expedition for ages, so when it comes to recently, that's pretty much it. When it comes to my actual guild history, it goes way back to day one of the server's existence. I joined the Starseeker Sentinels, an RP heavy guild based in Ashenvale. When I wanted a taste of raiding I joined The Aegis and later The New Expedition.

Raid availability
Yes, I am free Wednesdays and Sundays in general.

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Re: [Raider] Vaelyn lvl 120 Prot Warrior

Post by Fahranya » 20 Jan 2019, 18:55

Thank you for your application, etc. etc.

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