Raider: Lamorak Ret'Odin

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Raider: Lamorak Ret'Odin

Post by Kierkan » 26 Oct 2018, 18:37

Who is your character?
Lamorak, Paladin, Ret Main with a Prot Off. ... od/Lamorak

Who are you?
Peter, 31, white anglo-saxon, cis-gendered, able-bodied/addled-mind, working class English Human Male with fabulous hair.

I've played Paladin since Vanilla. Mostly as a tank. I've dropped in and out of other classes, raiding with TRC as either a Hunter, Warrior, or Rogue in RG1 and RG2. This expansion i've kept the Paladin and i've been doing Normal/HC content as Retribution. I did also Raid lead though TBC and Wrath but as a tank; people who raid lead and dps are mind wizards and should be monitored in case they use that talent for evul real world applications.

Raid Role
This is my first expansion playing as Ret 'full time'. Prep is the usual watch some tac vids etc. Come with pots/flasks/food and patience.

Your Spec
Rets got a fairly simple prio 'rotation'/build -> spend thing going on so not overly complicated and I'll tend to just copy what all the cool kids with high ranks pick for talents on any given fight.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
My prot gear isn't too shabby, and not that far behind my ret, and I'm very comfortable playing it.
I've got a Sick Raug (already in the guild Elaric). He's piss poor dps and of no use to anyone. But his transmogs on point and he has the best looking hat in game.

My prefared form of communication if mime or interpretive dance. I will concede to discord for more 'normal' forms of communication.

Combat Logs

That link will show highs (purple) and lows (green/gray). Probably a fairly accurate showing overall.

heres the average ... fficulty=4

Your UI
No your UI!

Guild History
Long and dull. Mostly here though the last few expansions!

Raid availability

Accept Riarn 1st, THEN she's my reference. Other misc ppl might be aware i exist

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Re: Raider: Lamorak Ret'Odin

Post by Tudum » 28 Oct 2018, 00:58

Sorry for late reply, thank you for your app, we will get to you asap !

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Re: Raider: Lamorak Ret'Odin

Post by Fahranya » 31 Oct 2018, 19:49

Accepted for trial

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Re: Raider: Lamorak Ret'Odin

Post by Lampris » 07 Nov 2018, 19:43

This application gave me giggles! Hi lamorak!

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