Social to RG2

Interested in joining the guild? Introduce yourself here and ask any questions you may have. You don't need to register to post your application, but it helps!
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Social to RG2

Post by Dralight » 30 Aug 2018, 22:33

Who is your character?
Rhaella, Fire Mage (still leveling, see Miscellaneous) ... on/Rhaella

Who are you?
Adam, 25 from Wales :)

To which Raid Group are you Applying?
RG2 :)

I have been playing WoW since around 2008, raided through WotLK as a Prot Paladin, took a break from mid Cata to the end of MoP, then came back and raided through WoD and Legion mostly as a ranged DPS (Hunter, Mage) and also a Demon Hunter.

Raid Role
I always do my best to come prepared with the required consumables. Before a new raid I always look up tactics and guides, mostly a combination of the in-game dungeon journal for a rough idea, then usually Fatboss guides for a more in depth look.

Your Spec
As a Fire Mage i've learnt to generally prioritise Mastery, followed by Haste then Crit or Vers. Fire is largely based around scoring crits for instant cast Pyroblasts, and bursting during Combustion.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I have some prior knowledge of Frost spec, would still need to learn Arcane though. I also have a Ret Paladin already at lvl 120.

I have a headset/mic and already in the guild Discord server. Generally fairly quiet at first but I'm sure I'll be broken in a bit :P

Your UI
Still like to tweak a few things, but I use this is a general template for most toons in BFA :)

Guild History
Serpentis (Alliance) on Blade's Edge back in WotLK. Order from Chaos through WoD and most of Legion on Horde. Then I joined The Raven Council as a social at the start of this year. :)

Raid availability
Wednesdays are no problem for me, however I work every other weekend so would have to miss every other Sunday raid.

My Mage is still being levelled so of course is not yet raid ready, as I levelled my Paladin first. I have spoken with Fahranya and was told to just apply now with the Mage anyway. ^^

Mage cookies are delicious, btw. :wink:

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Re: Social to RG2

Post by Fahranya » 30 Aug 2018, 23:03

Accepted for trial

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